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  1. What is abstinence?
    No sexual intercourse/100% effective.
  2. What are natural methods?
    Monitoring secretions at ovulation,body temperature.... And abstaining before and after ovulation (midway of menstration)
  3. What is a female condom?
    A female condom is a method to help prevent fertilization.It consist of a sheath that women insert into their vaginas to prevent sperm from reaching the uterus.
  4. What is a male condom?
    It consists of a sheath that goes over the mans penis to prevent sperm from entering the uterus.
  5. What is a diaphragm?
    A diaphragm helps prevent sperm from reaching the ovum. A flexible membrane is inserted into the vagina over the cervix and can stay in the vigina for 24 hours and can be cleaned and reused again.
  6. What is spermicide?
    Spermicide is chemical substance that kills sperm.used together with a diaphragm or a condom,this method is very effective to prevent fertilization.
  7. What is vasectomy?
    It's a surgical
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