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  1. Autowatts
    What's the fastest road to free fuel? It may just be PV for our EV. Autowatts can let you know for sure; here's how: Autowatts provides a simple platform to evaluate the latest technical and financial details of the electric vehicle (EV) market and photovoltaic (PV) systems by aggregating complex data from manufacturers, municipalities, and tax offices, as well as solar, geographic, and environmental databases. A spinoff of Sunetric, a solar installation company operating in Hawaii, Colorado, and California, Autowatts is drawing from an experienced management team to launch this new company in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  2. Ballast Energy
    What would it mean if a couple of MIT PhDs reimagined how we manufacture lithium ion batteries? Bryan Ho and Bryan Ng founded Ballast Energy and recruited a group of top innovators to halve the cost of lithium ion batteries through a manufacturing process innovation. Ballast utilizes a proprietary ultra-thick electrode design delivering an unprecedented combination of price and performance. Based in Silicon Valley, California.
  3. Effortless Energy
    What if getting a more efficient refrigerator, water heater, and air conditioner was as simple as 1-2-3? Drawing on their experience in the financial and mortgage industries, Claire Tramm and Matt Gee founded Effortless Energy to tackle the problem of energy efficiency in the home. The startup combines innovative finance with technology knowhow to efficiently integrate contractors, the utility, and financial partners with a software as a service platform. Through their platform, the Home Energy Efficiency Services Agreement, Effortless Energy provides a one-stop shop for homeowners to easily finance a bundle of efficiency measures. Based in Chicago, Illinois.
  4. Navatek
    What if wind turbines could be built closer together and produce more energy per square inch? Well-known ship innovator Navatek is breaking ground in a new field: wind turbine efficiency. In 2012, Navatek spun off Brightwind Energy to commercialize their plasma flow control system. This is the first economically feasible smart-blade actuation system shown to reduce the cost of wind energy by utilizing lightweight, inexpensive, solid-state, surface-mounted actuators that control the flow over each blade to optimize local lift and drag forces.
  5. OPQ
    Open Power Quality is the catalyst for a crowd sourcing power quality data collection system through an internet-based aggregation service. It drives open standards to be the focal point to monitor distributed power quality. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  6. Oroeco
    We wondered: is there a delightful and effortless way to track your environmental impact and feel rewarded for doing better? Oroeco is an automated social platform that rewards the alignment of personal values with everyday spending, investment and lifestyle decisions. Founded by Ian Monroe, the startup places energy decisions in a fun and social context, empowering users to collectively vote with their pocketbooks. Based in Silicon Valley, California.
  7. Pono Home
    • Is there a way to stop pouring money down the drain because of inefficient appliances? (puns intended). We thought we were green, but now we know we need to bring in the experts to answer questions likeā€¦
    • What temperature your water heater should be set to for maximum efficiency (120 F), or how to set it (ummm...)
    • How many lumens of light that are ideal in your bathroom (errr..., what?)
    • What the difference is between a power strip and a smart strip or how to install them for maximum efficiency Pono Home offers a 2-3 hour service in clients' homes, doing a comprehensive sustainability audit to reduce utility bills, remove toxins, and increase home comfort. The difference is that in that 2-3 hours, they actually make changes to clients' homes (with their permission, of course). Instead of just educating people about how to install a smart strip or an insulation blanket on their hot water heater, they just go ahead and install them for people. In their first 6 months in business, they've serviced homes big and small, renter and homeowner, and seen a 2-6 month payback period for people to recoup their money with energy and water savings. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  8. Pyro-E
    Why does waste heat have to be wasted? Pyro-E leverages material innovations to address the need for energy efficiency in vehicular and industrial waste heat recovery. Founder Kevin Lu started the company to commercialize a technology that utilizes ferroelectric materials in a reversible interaction that is 10-times more powerful than traditional thermoelectrics. Based in Silicon Valley, California.
  9. Shifted Energy
    Demand: the amount of energy one home needs at a given moment Response: the ability to turn things off or on Demand response: the ability to turn home appliances on or off in response to a signal from the utility, avoiding the need to burn fuel in power plants at periods of high demand Shifted Energy deploys smart grid, interactive demand response (DR) solutions using open standards. The startup also developed the Shifted Green Platform to aggregate open standards devices into existing Energy Management Systems and provide an interface for residential ratepayers to participate in DR events. Founder Olin Lagon spun the company out of a Honolulu-based non-profit, Kanu Hawaii, to scale up and deploy.
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