1. What is our body's direct energy source?
  2. what are the 3 energy systems?
    • -phosphagen system
    • *phosphate group

    • -anaerobic energy system
    • *glycolysis

    • -aerobic energy system
    • *allows us to use macros
  3. characteristics of Phosphagen Energy system (2)
    • -stores of high energy phosphates
    • *ATP, Creatine Phosphate

    -known as immediate energy system
  4. Characteristics Anaerobic Energy System (2)
    -involves only carbohydrates

    -does not require oxygen

    *known as anaerobic glycolysis
  5. Characteristics of Aerobic Energy System (2)
    -involves all macronutrients

    -requires oxygen

    *known as oxidative system
  6. what can low carbohydrate intake cause? (2)
    muscle protein breakdown and loss of muscle mass
  7. What does gluconeogenesis do?
    forms glucose from proteins
  8. What is used during powerful short burst activity (shotput,pitch,jump)?
    small storage of ATP source
  9. What system is used during short sprints or activity? (10 sec. of intense, all out activity)
    Phosphagen system
  10. what system is used during long sprint or activity (1-3 mins of all-out activity)? (3)
    Anaerobic but with help from the other 2 systems
  11. what system is used during long duration, non-steady-state activity(4 to 6 minutes, all out acitivty) (2)
    aerobic system wth help from anaerobic
  12. What system is used during long-duration, steady state aerobic activity(30 min continuous activity)
    aerobic system with little help from the other 2 systems
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