K-9 Terminology:

  1. Intent
    A canine's ability and desire to systematically hunt for a trained odor.
  2. Control
    Canine's responsiveness to verbal commands and presentations during the search.
  3. Alert
    A change of body posture and increased respiration when the dog first encounters the odors he has been trained to detect.
  4. Indication
    A trained behavior that pinpoints source.
  5. Tracing
    Post-alert behavior displayed by the canine while following the odor to source.
  6. Walking Odor
    The canine alerts and walks away.
  7. Passive Indication
    Sit, down, point
  8. Active Indication
    Scratch, bite
  9. Fringe Indication
    The canine prematurely indicates while tracing odor.
  10. Pinpoint
    Directing the team to move to source.
  11. Threshold Problem
    The canine walks odor that is not at a quantity previously experienced.
  12. False Indication
    The canine displayed a change in behavior that the handler interpreted as an alert and indication in a controlled training environment where it had been previously established that no trained odors were present.
  13. Nonproductive Alert
    The canine displayed an alert in an uncontrolled field environment where no tangible trained substances could be located.
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K-9 Terminology:
K-9 Terminology: