K-9 Drives

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  1. Hunt
    Drive to pursue out-of-sight stimuli.
  2. Air Scent
    Drive to follow wind born odors.
  3. Tracking
    Drive to follow ground disturbance odors.
  4. Prey
    Drive to pursue, bite, and kill visual prey.
  5. Retrieve
    Drive to bring prey to the pack.
  6. Activity
    Drive to move and act.
  7. Play
    Drive for physical contact with pack members.
  8. Pack
    Drive for emotional contact with pack members.
  9. Survival
    • flight and self-defense.
    • Flight - Drive to flee from real or imagined danger.

    Self-defense - Drive to attack real or       imagined danger.
  10. Rank
    Drive to achieve higher rank in the pack.
  11. Protection
    Drive to defend pack members.
  12. Guard
    Drive to defend territorial space from intruders.
  13. Fight
    Drive to measure physical prowess with rivals.
  14. Trainability
    Drive to follow the desires of the pack leader.
  15. Homing
    Drive to return to pack or territory.
  16. Herding
    Drive to circle and direct prey.
  17. Pointing
    Drive to passively indicate prey.
  18. Drafting
    Drive to pull when restricted.
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