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  1. structuralism
    founded by Edward Titchener
  2. functionalism
    founded by William James
  3. gestalt
    founded by Max Wertheimer
  4. psychoanalysis
    ideas put forth by Sigmund Freud
  5. behaviorism
    associated with work of John B. Watson, who was greatly influenced by Ivan Pavlov's work in conditioning/learning.
  6. psychodynamic
    based on Freud's theory
  7. behavioral
    based on early work of Watson and later B.F. Skinner
  8. humanistic
    two pioneers are Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow
  9. cognitive
    has roots in Gestalt psychology
  10. central nervous system
    the brain and spinal cord
  11. peripheral nervous system
    transmits information to and from the central nervous system
  12. nervous system
    central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
  13. brain
    interprets and stores information and sends orders to muscles, glands, and organs
  14. spinal cord
    pathway connecting the brain and peripheral nervous system
  15. autonomic nervous system
    automatically regulates glands, internal organs and blood vessels, pupil dilation, digestion, and blood pressure
  16. soma
  17. somatic nervous system
    carries sensory information and controls movement of the skeletal muscles.
  18. parasympathetic division
    maintains body functions under ordinary conditions; saves energy
  19. sympathetic division
    prepares the body to react and expend energy in times of stress
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