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  1. The fighter aircraft equipment cooling system provides the electronic equipment w/ a supply of cooling air to extend component life by preventing over heats. 

    0 - 35 degrees = Depending of Aircraft Altitude
  2. Two methods of equipment cooling ?:
    Forced Air & Free Convection.
  3. - used to cool the forward electronic equipment bay. 

    + Radar Package
    - used on the equipment that generates excessive heat. 
    + this system “forces” cold air directly into the components. 
    - The size of the component determines the amount of cold air. 
    + The system is designed to maintain an ideal discharge temp.
        from the components of 140 degrees F.
    Forced Air Equipment Cooling System
  4. - controls the flow of cold air to the electronic equipment bay & the radar package. 

    + butterfly type valve 
    - requires power and servo air to CLOSE. 
    + Loss of power or servo air, the valve spring loads to the OPEN pos. 
    - controlled by the equipment cooling s/c 
    + modulates the cooling airflow to the electronic equipment to maintain the desired cooling rate.
    Equipment Cooling Modulating Valve
  5. - a temperature sensitive electronic unit installed in the equipment cooling air supply duct. 

    + monitors the temperature of the air entering the electronic fay. 

    - sensor/controller receives a “sample” portion of the cold air. 

    + It maintains the correct temperature in the bay by controlling the equipment cooling modulating valve & priority valve.
    Electronic Equipment Cooling Sensor/Controller
  6. 3 Essential components in the Sensor/Controller?
    Heating Element, Valve Control Sensor,& Low Flow Sensor.
  7. - heats the air and simulates the head load of rate equipment to be cooled.

    - simulated equipment that needs to cool
    Heating Element
  8. : controls the equipment cooling modulating valve and priority valve. 

    - Maintained : 140 degrees @ Exit Temp.
    Valve Control Sensor
  9. - monitors pressure and energizes the environmental control really which illuminates an equipment hot light. 

    - Senses Air pressure for 65 sec. energized (directs power) to ECR (Environmental Control Relay) 

    - Controls Equip Hot Light 

    (Hot light is a signal to ‘Turn-off non essential equipment)
    Low Flow Sensor
  10. - when closed, it provides added restriction to cabin airflow to increase equipment-cooling airflow during conditions when callable cooling capacity is marginal. 

    + controlled by the electronic equipment sensor/controller. 
    - butterfly type valve
    + servo air actuated CLOSED 
    - spring-loaded OPEN.
    Priority Valve
  11. - controls the flow of cooling air to the radar and is controlled by the Radar Mode switch. 


    -butterfly type valve 
    + pneumatically actuated CLOSED
    - spring loaded OPEN.
    + de-energized open
    Radar Cooling Shutoff Valve
  12. - used on components that do not generate excessive heat. 

    + Non-Essential Equipment 
    - done in the lower aft equipment bay. 
    - The air source is at the outlet of the expansion turbine. 
    + Cools Low Aft Equip Bay. 
    - Cold Air Taped from expansion turbine outlet
    Free Convection Cooling System
  13. - supplies servo air to actuate the lower equipment bay cold air shutoff valve to provide cooling airflow to the compartment. 

    + Hot Air Valve 
    - normally OPEN. 
    + electrically actuated CLOSED 
    - located in the lower aft avionics compartment.
    + controlled by the EDC S/C & the lower equipment bay solenoid relay.
    Lower Equipment Bay Servo Air Solenoid Valve
  14. - regulates the supply of cooling air to the lower aft equipment bay. 

    + Hot Air Valve
    + butterfly type valve 
    - pneumatically actuated OPEN
    + spring-loaded CLOSED. 
    - The lower equipment bay servo air SOLENOID valve controls the cold air SOV in response to input by the BRAIN. 
    + Controls airflow to Low Equip.
    Lower Equipment Bay Cold Air Shutoff Valve
  15. - directs bay temperature signals to the EDC S/C for operation of the cold air shutoff valve. 

    - located inside the lower equipment bay. 
    + resistance type sensor
    Lower Equipment Bay Temperature Sensor
  16. - plug type relay
    + located on the air conditioning matrix assembly. 
    - energized by the BRAIN to send a valve close signal to the servo air solenoid valve in turn, 

    + closes the cold air shutoff valve. 
    - Directs to close lower equipment by servo air solenoid valve
    Lower Equipment Bay Solenoid Relay
  17. - provides a connection/disconnection port for application of a ground air conditioning cart. 

    - cannot be used to connect external bleed air 
    - used only as a connection for the ground air conditioning cart.
    + External ac’n can be accomplished ONLY during ground operations. 
    - incorporates a check valve that prevents the loss of electronic equipment cooling air ducting normal system operation in FLT & on the GND. 

    + Ground cooling receptacle Check Valve
    Ground Cooling Receptacle
  18. - Lower equipment bay temp sensor temperature sends temperature signals to the EDC S/C.
    When lower bay temp. reach 140 degrees to 150 degrees F.
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