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  1. prevents the loss of cabin pressure by creating an airtight deal btwn the canopy and fuselage of the acft.

    -This seal allows the pressurization system to control/regulate the outflow of cabin air.
  2. - partially cooled air extracted from outlet of the Regenerative Heat Exchanger.  

    - Air is taken from the outlet of the regenerative heat exchanger & Air routed to a canopy seal pressure regulator. 

    - the regulator will control the inflation & deflation of the canopy seal. 

    + When the canopy is DOWN & LOCKED the canopy seal is inflated to prevent the physical loss of cabin pressure.
    Canopy Seal System
  3. - an in-line water trap that removes any moisture. The water is collected in a sump and drained overboard. 

    + provides dry air for inflating the canopy seal.
    Canopy Seal Water Trap
  4. - provides a means to maintain air pressure to the canopy seal during ground maintenance operations and prevents reverse flow. ( during norm. op. )

    - commonly referred to as an in-line check valve.
    + located in the canopy seal supply line between the regenerative heat exchanger outlet 
       & the canopy seal pressure regulator.
    Canopy Seal In-Line Check Valve
  5. - provides clean air for canopy seal inflation. 

    - wire mesh disposable type element
    - used to remove any particles that may cause damage to the canopy seal. 
    - Time changed
    Canopy Seal Filter
  6. - controls the inflation and deflation of the canopy seal. 

    + DOWN & LOCKED 
    + a plunger extends from the canopy seal regulator 
    + and is used to control the flow of air into the regulator. 

    - maintains the canopy seal pressure to 25 PSI above cabin pressure
      or MAX deal pressure of 34 PSIG.
    Canopy Seal Air Pressure Regulator Valve
  7. - (Inside the Canopy Air Pressure Regulator Valve) - is used to limit the canopy pressure to 34 PSIG.
    Overpressure Relief Valve
  8. (IN Regulator) - prevents deflation of the canopy seal should the air source be lost.

    Internal Check Valve
  9. - an inflatable rubber tube that is affixed to either the canopy of the fuselage, depending on the aircraft design & series. (application) 

    - connected to the sys. by a flexible hose. 
    + when air pressure is applied, the seal expands to create a seal between the canopy & fuselage.
    - inflated canopy seal will prevent the physical loss of cabin pressure.
    Inflatable Canopy Seal
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