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  1. The fighter defog system provides the pilot with a means of distributing cabin air and for defogging the canopy. 

    - Defog Does not Work In Manual. 
    - 158 degrees MAX # 
    + Cabin Distributes through defog outlets 
    + keeps canopy clear & provides for crew comfort.
  2. The outlets are part of the glare shield & direct air to the base of the windshield to prevent canopy fogging. 

    + w/ the lever in MIN there will be minimal flow of air to the diffusers.
    Defog Outlets/ Diffusers
  3. This valve diverts supply air away from the cabin outlets & directs it to the defog outlets. 

    - mechanically operated 
    + manually controlled by the defog lever.
    Defog Air Diverter Valve
  4. Used to control the position of the defog air diverter valve. 

    + provides the pilot means to distribute the cabin air. 
    - can be set at any pos. btwn MIN & MAX

    MIN - air is directed to the cabin outlets. 

    MAX - air is diverted form the cabin.
    Defog Lever
  5. - two defog switches (S2 & S3)
    + located at the base of the defog lever. 
    - actuated when the defog lever is moved to 3/4 to MAX pos. 
    + reroute current flow to provide high temp. air to the canopy.
    Defog Switches (Micro Switches)
  6. - routes power through a bias resistor. 

    -located in the 3-minute time delay module. 

    > The bias resistor decreases current flow through the cabin temp sensor. 
       & into the cabin temperature sensor/controller. <

    > The decrease in current flow causes the cabin temper
    ature sensor/controller to signal the cabin temperature control valve to open & send 158 degrees air to the canopy. <
    Micro SW S2
  7. - routes power tot he 3- minute time delay module. 

    > After 3 mins, the delay module will discharge and energize the defog relay. <

    > Energizing the defog replay will now direct current flow away form the bias resistor and allow the cabin temperature sensor/controller to return temperature to its original settings.<
    Micro SW S3
  8. - contains a timer and a biasing resistor.

    + plug type module 
    - located in the air conditioning matrix assembly. 
    - w/ the temp selector in AUTO and the defog lever 3/4 to full MAX pos.
      IT will allow the cabin temperature sensor/controller to supply 158 degrees air to the canopy defog outlets for three minutes. 

    + charges for 3 mins
    - energizes defog relay
    Three Minute Time Delay Module
  9. - plug-in type relay
    + located in the air conditioning matrix assembly. 
    - energized by 3-min time delay module 
    + directs current flow away form the bias resistor. 
    - After 3 mins, the cabin air temp. returns to NORMAL. 

    + Allows Temp to Return to Original Setting
    Defog Relay
  10. - no change in temp. 
    - airflow to defog outlets increases as lever is moved fwd max pos.
    Defog Lever Pos. Between MIN & 3/4
  11. -Time Display module discharges
    - Energizes Defog relay 
    - Power Diverted  from Defog
    After 3 mins
  12. - Airflow to Defog outlets increasing.
    Temperature In Manual
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