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  1. Name the 5 processes for managing projects
    • Initiating (Start)
    • Planning (Plan)
    • Executing (Do)
    • Monitoring and controlling (Check and act)
    • Closing (End)
  2. What does “Go back-iterations” in the planning process group mean
    Refers to the steps that occur previous to that step. These steps will evolve and initial plans may need updating as each item is fully planned

    Note: iterations start after risk management? Because it is only after risk management is completed that the final cost and schedule can be determined.
  3. Which activities can start in project initiating and do not end until project closing
    Team building, risk identification and risk response planning
  4. Changes can be requested in which process groups?
    • Executing
    • Monitoring and controlling
  5. When a change request is evaluated and approved or rejected, it is part of what Process?
    Perform Integrated Change Control process
  6. Executing and Monitoring and control processes occur at the same time.

    True or False

    Note: Process groups all overlap. For example: a PM could use the Monitoring and control processes to monitor and control the planning of a project
  7. What is the focus of monitoring and controlling process group?
    To measure the project's performance against the performance measurement baseline
  8. In order to release resources at any time during the project, what criteria must be met?
    • Work is approved
    • Work is accepted
    • Other closing activities pertaining to their work is completed

    Some of the team and other stakeholders need to remain on the project to its end in order to assist the project manager in creating the final lessons learned, archiving final records, and producing the final report.
  9. What is progressive elaboration?
    The process of continually refining estimates and scope
  10. What is the purpose of the Business Case?
    It defines the reason the project was started
  11. What is the purpose of the Project Charter?
    It requires decisions about measurable project objectives, milestone schedules, and an initial budget.
  12. Management plans generally answer the questions of?
    • "How will I go about planning scope, schedule, cost, etc.?"
    • "How will I manage and control scope, schedule, cost, etc., once planned what needs to be done?"
  13. Describe "rolling wave planning:"
    When the project is organized by phases (test phase, install phase, etc.). It might not be possible to plan each phase (project) to a detailed degree until the phase before is almost completed.
  14. Projects that do not need as much control can be planned to a lesser degree of detail

    True or False
  15. When are we in the planning process group?
    • When the Initiating process group is completed
    • After approved changes, including corrective and preventive actions
  16. What is the purpose of the executing process?
    • The "do" step
    • Complete work defined in the project management plan and meet the project objectives
  17. What is important during the executing process?
    Focus on managing people, following processes, and distributing information. Accomplished by constant referral back to the project management plan and project documents
  18. Does the project management plan contain management plans for each knowledge area?

    True or False
  19. What is the purpose of Monitoring and controlling?
    Measure the performance of the project per the project management plan, approving change requests, including recommended corrective and preventive actions and defect repair
  20. During the Monitor and control process, define control?
    Control Scope, Schedule and Cost, Perform Quality Control, Report Performance, Monitor and Control Risks, Administer Procurements
  21. What is the purpose of Closing?
    To collect and finalize the paperwork needed to complete the project, verify the product of the project is acceptable. Transfer the completed project to those who will use it, return resources.
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