History quiz ch. 22 and 23

  1. Isolationism
    US separated from Europe to avoid future wars but we did not stop trade
  2. Red scare
    intense fear of communism
  3. Palmer Raids
    raided homes and deported those they suspected supported communism
  4. Anarchist
    people who opposed any form of government
  5. Sacco and Vanzetti
    • charged with a murder in Massachusetts and found guilty and executed in 1927¬†
    • there was extreme discrimination because they were Italian radicals
  6. Quota system
    limit the # of immigrants who come to the US
  7. Labor strikes after WWI grabbed public attention
    • Boston Police strike
    • Steel mill strike
    • coal miner strike
  8. John Lewis
    became a national hero in the Coal Miner's Strike in 1919
  9. Election of 1920
    • Warren G. Harding-Republican won
    • James Cox- Democrat
  10. Fordney-McCumber Tariff
    highest tarriff since the Civil War
  11. Ohio Gang
    close advisers to Harding
  12. Teapot Dome Scandal
    When secretary of Interior, Albert Fall illegally leases oil reserves in teapot dome Wyoming
  13. Election of 1924
    • Calvin Coolidge- Republican won
    • John Davis- Democrat
  14. Henry Ford
    • 1903- organized the Ford Motor company
    • 1908- Model T was introduced
  15. assembly line
    used by Henry Ford in building the Model T using conveyor Belts
  16. Urban Sprawl
    cities spread in all directions
  17. Installment plan
    when you buy now, pay later like credit
  18. Prohibition
    when the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages was illegal
  19. 18th amendment
    prohibition amendment
  20. 21st amendment
    repealed the 18th
  21. Volstead Act
    law passes by Congress to enforce the 18th amendment
  22. Speakeasies
    a place where alcohol was sold illegally
  23. bootleggers
    people who make, sell, or transport alcohol illegally
  24. Al Capone
    Chicago gangster whose bootlegging empire netted over 60 million dollars a year
  25. Fundamentalism
    a protestant religious movement grounded in the belief that all of the stories in the Bible are true
  26. Scopes trial
    John T. Scopes was charged with teaching evolution in school and the prosecuting attorney was William Jennings Bryan in Dayton, Tennessee
  27. Flappers
    a young woman of the 1920s who challenged social traditions with their dress and behavior
  28. Double standard
    a set of principles granting greater sexual freedom to men than to women
  29. Mass media
    means of communication that teaches a large audience such as television, newspapers, radio
  30. Charles Lindbergh
    made the first solo flight across the Atlantic ocean
  31. Amelia Earhart
    first woman to fly across the Atlantic
  32. The Jazz Singer
    the first major movie with sound in 1927
  33. Steamboat Willie
    the first animated film with sound in 1928
  34. Sinclair lewis
    first american to win a nobel peace prize in literature. In his novel the Babbitt he ridiculed Americans for their conformity and Materialism
  35. F. Scott Fitzgerald
    coined the term "Jazz Age" to describe the 1920s
  36. Ernest Hemmingway
    with novels such as the Sun Also Rises and A farewell to Arms he criticized the glorification of war
  37. Lost generation
    writers who believed they were in a greedy materialistic society in the 20's
  38. James Johnson
    was a poet, lawyer, and NAACP executive secretary and helped fight for anti-lynching legislation
  39. Marcus Garvey
    pushed for a back to Africa Movement
  40. Harlem Renaissance
    African American literary  awakening of the 1920's
  41. Langston Hughes
    best known poet of the Harlem Renaissance
  42. Louis Armstrong
    most influential musician of the Jazz age
  43. Bessie Smith
    in 1927 became the highest paid black artist
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