Introductory Chemistry (third edition) Chapter 1 review cards

  1. Why does Soda pop fizz?
    Soda pop is a mixture of carbon dioxide and water and a few other substances that give flavor and color. When Soda Pop is poured into a glass, some of the carbon dioxide molecules come out of the mixture, producing the familiar fizz.
  2. What is a good definition for Chemistry?
    The science that tries to to understand what matter does by studying what atoms and molecules do.
  3. What is the scientific method?
    A way of learning that emphasizes observation and experimentation.
  4. What are the steps of the scientific method?
    First you start off at your starting point, observations. Your observation may either lead to a hypothesis or a law (you may build a hypothesis about the law). After many experiments to make sure the results repeat the hypothesis becomes a theory, which must also be tested.
  5. What should a (beginning) chemist to do in order to succeed?
    You must be a curious and imaginative, be willing to do calculations, and be committed to learning the material.
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Introductory Chemistry (third edition) Chapter 1 review cards
A basic review of the first chapter of chemistry.