VCP - Chap 7 Advanced

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  1. DAVG
    • Threshold 25
    • This is the average response time in milliseconds per command being sent to the device.
  2. GAVG
    • 25
    • This is the response time as it is perceived by the guest operating system. Thisnumber is calculated with the formula: DAVG + KAVG = GAVG.
  3. KAVG
    • 2
    • This is the amount of time the command spends in the VMkernel
  4. What command would you test vmkernal network connecivity?
  5. SWR/s andSWW/s
    Measured in megabyts, these counters represent the rate at which the ESXi host isswapping memory in from disk (SWR/s) and swapping memory out to disk (SWW/s)
  6. SWCUR
    This is the amount of swap space currently used by the virtual machine
  7. SWTGT
    This is the amount of swap space that the host expects the virtual machine to use
  8. %SWPWT
    This metric represents the percentage of time that the VM is waiting for memory to beswapped in (cpu screen in esxtop/resxtop)
  9. MCTL?
    Indicates whether the balloon driver is installed in the virtual machine
  10. MCTLSZ
    Amount of physical memory that the balloon driver has reclaimed
    Maximum amount of memory that the host wants to reclaim via the balloon driver
  12. %CSTP
    Percentage of time the vCPUs of a virtual machine spent in the co-stopped state, waiting to beco-started
  13. %USED
    Percentage of physical CPU time used by a group of worlds
  14. %RDY
    Percentage of time a group was ready to run but was not provided CPU resources
  15. %SYS
    Percentage of time spent in the ESX VMkernel on behalf of the world/resource pool
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