Image Builder Review

  1. What do Image Profiles and VIBs specify?
    Image profiles and VIBs specify the software you want to use during installation or upgradeof an ESXi host.
  2. What are  VIBs?
    VIBs are software packages. You can use VIBs to create and customizeISO images or to upgrade ESXi hosts by installing VIBs asynchronously ontothe hosts.
  3. What are Image Profiles?
    • Defines an ESXi image and consists of VIBs.
    • Always includes a base VIB, and might include more VIBs.
    • You examine anddefine an image profile using the Image Builder PowerCLI.
  4. What is a software depot?
    A software depot is a collection of VIBs (EsxSoftwarePackage)  and image profiles (EsxImageProfile)

    The software depot is a hierarchy of files and folders and can be available through an HTTP URL(online depot) or a ZIP file (offline depot).
  5. Should you run image profiles interactively to ensure that all variables are correct?
    No. When you run Image Builder cmdlets, provide all parameters on the command line when you invokethe cmdlet. Supplying parameters in interactive mode is not recommended.
  6. What command would you use to for more information about an image builder command when working in the powercli?
    get-help cmdlet_name
  7. What are the verbs to know when working with Image Builder?
    • 1. New
    • 2. Add
    • 3. Remove
    • 4. Get - often informational, eg. a list
    • 5. Set - sets and EsxImageProfile.
    • 6. Export
    • 7. Compare
  8. What are the suffixes (perhaps nouns) to the commands to know when working with Image Builder?
    • 1. -ESXSofwareDepot
    • 2. -ESXSoftwarePackage - return the SoftwarePackage object (VIBs i.e. software package objects)
    • 3. -ESXImageProfile- returns ImageProfileDiff object that compares image profiles (acceptence levels etc.0
  9. What are the requirements for an Image Profile?
    • Each image profile must have:
    • - a unique name and vendor combination.
    • - at least one base VIB and one bootable kernel module.

    • Also
    • - If any VIB in the image profile depends on another VIB, that other VIB must also be included in the imageprofile.
    • - VIBs must not conflict with each other.
    • - VIBs must be unique. Cannot have two with the same name, but different versions. When you add the new version it will replace the older version.
    • - No "acceptence level" validation issues
  10. What are the types of acceptence levels?
    • 1. VMwareCertified - most stringent. only IOVPdrivers are published at this level
    • 2. VMwareAccepted - some testing but not every function, such as CIM providers and PSA plugins
    • 3. PartnerSupported - partner does all the testing, such as Infiniband, ATAoE, and SSD with non-standardized hardware drivers.
    • 4. CommunitySupported - individuals or non-partners. not tested by vmware ; partner
  11. Your execution policy in PoweCLI is preventing you from running scripts. What command can you use to allow the scripts to run?
    Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  12. What are the steps to creating and editing an Image profile?
    • Get the Image Profile
    • 1. Add the SoftwareDepot to the session
    • 2. Now download the SoftwareDepot

    • Create your profile (usually cloned)
    • 3.  (optional)Get the ImageProfiles in the SoftwareDepot to see which one to clone
    • 4.  Create a New-EsximageProfile by cloning it (-cloneprofile) from one of the profiles listed in the software depot

    • Customize the ImageProfile
    • 5. Add a partner-package (VIB) to the ImageProfile using the Add-EsxSoftwarePackage  command

    • Share the Profile (if you like)
    • 6. Export-ESXImageProfile to export the profile
  13. What is the default acceptence level for an ESXi image or image profile?
  14. What tool would you use to display the actual acceptencelevel of an image profile?

    D. ImageBuilder PowerCLI
  15. You are trying to install an VIB with a PartnerSupported acceptence level on a host, but you cannot. What might be the problem?

    • C. The acceptance level of the host is too high.
    • B is nonsense
    • C & D - You can't edit the acceptence level of an VIB. Only the VIB creator can do that.
  16. What happens if you attempt to provision a host with an image profile or VIB that has a lower acceptance level than the host?

    C. Provisioning does not occur and an error is returned.
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Image Builder Review
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