Chapter 2 Test

  1. Which of these is an example of a modifier key on a keyboard?

    B. Shift
  2. On what type of computer is an Fn key most likely to be found?

    D. Notebook PC
  3. What does a PS/2 connector most resemble?

    B. A small round plug
  4. How does an optical mouse record movement?

    C. An LED and photodiodes (light sensors)
  5. With pen computing, you must use a(n) _________ to touch the screen.

    B. Stylus
  6. Characters are stored in binary format in a computer using ________ coding.

    A. ASCII
  7. Which of these would be a common capacity for a modern hard disk drive?

    D. 500 GB
  8. How is the speed of the spinning platters in a hard disk measured?

    B. RPM
  9. Which type of hard disk interface is serial?

    C. SATA
  10. What is the most popular interface used for external hard disk drives?

    D. USB
  11. Which hard disk interface uses a wide ribbon-like cable with 40 wires?

    D. PATA
  12. What type of disk preparation creates the cylinders, heads, and sectors (CHS)?

    A. Low-level formatting
  13. What Windows utility can you use to partition a disk drive?

    C. Disk Management
  14. To make a folder or drive available to others on a network, right-click the drive’s icon in the Computer window and click _________.

    A. Share
  15. How much data can a standard single-sided writeable CD-ROM hold?

    B. 800 MB
  16. A Blu-ray drive uses a(n) _________ laser, which has a shorter wavelength than the type used on a CD or DVD player.

    C. Blue
  17. Which of these is not a type of flash RAM storage device?

    C. CD-ROM
  18. Which of these is a type of memory card?

    A. SD
  19. Which of these is a disadvantage of solid-state drives over mechanical ones?

    A. More expensive
  20. What does DRM support add to a flash RAM device or card?

    A. Security
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Chapter 2 Test
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