Chapter 1 Test

  1. What is the function of a processor?

    D. To do math
  2. What type of device is most likely to have a RISC processor?

    C. Cell phone
  3. Which of these numbers is a binary number?

    D. 010110
  4. Which companies are the major manufacturers of PC processors today?

    C. Intel and AMD
  5. What type of socket is used for most processors in modern systems?

    B. LGA
  6. How is the core speed of a processor measured?

    D. Gigahertz (GHz)
  7. The speed at which the motherboard sends and receives data to/from the processor is determined by the speed of the ___________________.

    C. System timer
  8. Which cache is closest to the processor and is checked first for data retrieval?

    D. L1
  9. Multicore processors can have various numbers of cores. Which of these is the most likely number of cores a multicore processor might have?

    C. 4
  10. In what type of device would you find a cell microprocessor?

    A. PlayStation 3
  11. An example of a passive cooling system is a ___________________.

    C. Heat sink
  12. What does BIOS stand for?

    B. Basic Input/Output System
  13. Which type of memory is volatile and therefore loses its contents if not continuously powered by electricity?

    B. DRAM
  14. When hard disk space is used to store data swapped out of physical RAM temporarily, it is known as ___________________.

    C. Virtual memory
  15. In the acronym SDRAM, what does the S stand for?

    D. Synchronous
  16. Compared to SDR SDRAM, what is the data transfer rate of DDR2 SDRAM?

    B. 4x
  17. What type of RAM is most often used in notebook PCs?

  18. If you find a 184-pin DIMM, what kind of RAM can you assume it is?

    C. DDR
  19. A(n) ___________________ is an extra buffer in RAM that allows quick access to data located in a common physical row in the memory.

    B. Prefetch buffer
  20. When it is said that a certain kind of RAM is synchronous, with what is it synchronized?

    B. Motherboard’s system bus speed
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Chapter 1 Test
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