1. Semantics
    the critical study of what words mean
  2. language
    a system of symbols

    all words and behaviors that communicate meaning
  3. meaning
    whatever is associated with a symbol

    what is signified, indicated, referred to, or understood
  4. to abstract
    to select some characteristics while ignoring others
  5. highly abstract words
    words that stand for few defining characteristics of an object or that stand for a psychological or mental category
  6. less abstract words
    words that stand for many defining characteristics of an object
  7. context
    all of the words, voice, tone, etc., around a word that throw light on its meaning
  8. thinking
    intellectually organizing your experiences
  9. word magic
    the sense that there is a natural, necessary connection between a word and a thing
  10. sign
    something that directs attention to; what a sign refers to
  11. referent
    whatever a sign directs attention to; what a sign refers to
  12. natural sign
    a thing or event that has a natural connection with a referent
  13. symbol
    a sign that is arranged or designed to direct attention to something else
  14. arbitrary
    established by a decision, rather than by nature or reason
  15. conventional
    established by rules that a social group agrees to follow
  16. extensional world
    the world we can know through our own experience
  17. intensional world
    the world we can know through words
  18. extensional meaning
    something in the physical world that a word stands for
  19. intensional meaning
    what a word means to an individual
  20. to classify
    to group different things together based on similar characteristics (to categorize, name, label)
  21. report
    verifiable information given about something (to give information)
  22. inference
    a conclusion reached by reasoning from known facts or evidence, or a conclusion about the unknown based on reasoning from the known
  23. judgement
    an expression of approval or disapproval
  24. assertion
    something claimed to be true
  25. reason
    the mental ability to grasp necessary connections
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