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  1. Pc3
    • He Sea
    • xs heat attack Pc- Ying level heat
    • Summer heat, sun stroke
    • wind stroke, chronic angina
  2. Pc4
    • Xi Cleft
    • acute Hr pain or ppts
    • blood heat- cough or vomit blood, hemmorrhaging, hemmorrhoids
  3. Pc5
    • Jing River
    • Malaria, mania
  4. Pc6
    • Luo-yin wei
    • any St disease- nausea, vomit, huccup, pain
    • any Hr disease(chronic)- ppts, pain, wind stroke,
    • soothe Lv- insomnia, mania, poor memory, nervous
    • Jueyin to head- migraine, dizzy, wind stroke
  5. Pc7
    • Yuan/Shu
    • Clear xs or def Hr heat- ying & blood level heat
    • St disease
  6. Pc8*
    • Ying Spring
    • clear Hr & Pc heat- more for xs
    • St heat- mouth ulcer, bad breath
    • Clear heat from blood, stool, urine- ie nosebleed
    • Clear heat from all three jiao
  7. Pc9
    • Jing Well
    • acute/emergency- restore consciousness
    • xs heat- wind stroke, stiff tongue, sunstroke
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