boulud dinner

  1. vichyssoise de chou-fleur
    • chilled cauliflower and potato soup
    • -garnish: lovage oil (looks like parsley, tastes like strong celery)
    • pumpernickel croutons
    • vadouvan spice (blend of spices, strong curry flavor but not hot)
    • yes: dairy, gluten
    • no: pork, shellfish, nuts
  2. soupe romaine
    • chilled romaine soup, tomato compote, garlic cream, parmesan crisps
    • -base is white bean puree. add blanched romaine, milk, brown butter, cream, all pureed.
    • garnish: garlic cream
    • tomato compote (garlic, shallot, basil, thyme)
    • parmesan crisps (parmesan shaved and baked)
    • sprinkle of ground peppercorn blend
  3. salade de roquette
    • "arugula salad"
    • local baby arugula, lemon viniagrette, confit grape tomatoes, aged goat cheese (carpa sarde from Sardinia), slow braised fennel (olive oil, pernod, lemon juice), pickled fennel
    • yes: dairy(cheese only)
    • no: gluten, pork, shellfish, nuts
  4. Frisee Lyonnaise
    • frisee, red wine vinaigrette. sourdough crouton topped with poached egg. warm smoked bacon lardons & chicken livers sauteed with shallots, herbs, sherry vinegar and chicken jus. drizzle of chic liver jus mixed with fresh herbs
    • yes: pork, dairy, gluten
    • no: shellfish, nuts
  5. aioli
    • platter with cod confit (in olive oil), shrimp (poached in court bouillon) mussels (steamed, cleaned, put back in shell). crudite of lightly blanched seasonal vegetables, romaine, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled quail eggs. aioli. olive oil grissini (bread sticks)
    • -aioli (emulsion of garlic, rapeseed oil, pastuerized egg yolk)
    • -sprinkle of allepo pepper, red pepper from syria)
    • -vegetables: usually baby carrots, cauliflower, sugar snap peas, yellow wax beans, haricot vert
    • yes: shellfish, gluten
    • no: dairy, pork, nuts
  6. salade de calamars
    poached local calamari (long island/rhode island) chilled and sliced, seared with baby greens, toasted pine nuts, gaeta olives, french breakfast radish. pine nut and citrus vinaigrette
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