Sociology 101 Chapter 16

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  1. the idea that population growth is kept in check and stabilizes as countries experience economic and technological development
    demographic trasnsition theory
  2. a collection of people who share a geographic territory
  3. a change of overall temperatures and weather conditions over time
    climate change
  4. metropolitan areas with at least 10 million inhabitants
  5. (also called the death rate) the number of deaths per 1000 people in a population in a given year
    crude death rate
  6. the process in which middle-class and affluent people buy and renovate houses and stores in downtown urban neighborhoods
  7. the idea that population is growing faster than the food supply needed to sustain it
    malthusian theory
  8. the scientific study of human populations
  9. economic activites that met the needs of the present without threatening the environmental legacy of future generations
    sustainable development
  10. business centers that are within or close to suburban residential areas
    edge cities
  11. the movienment of people into or out of a specific geographic area
  12. urban changes are largely the result of decisions made by powerful capitalists and other groups in the dominant social class
    new urban sociology
  13. a stable population level that occurs when each woman has no more than two children
    zero population growth (ZPG)
  14. the number of babies born during a specified period in a particular society
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