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  1. When does the fontanelle close?
    • Posterior-1-3 mo
    • Sphenoidal- 6 mo
    • Mastoid-6-18 mo
    • Anterior-7-19 mo
  2. Babinski Response.....if there is no response bilaterally?  Unilaterally?
    • CNS deficit
    • Local nerve injury
  3. When does the Babinski Reflex appear?
    8-9 mo
  4. When do infants start doing the Stepping Reflex?  What's an abnormal result?
    • 3-4 mo
    • asymmetry stepping...fractured extremity or neurologic deficit
  5. When do you start seeing the Moro (Startle) Reflex?
    5-6 mo.
  6. What is the Palmar Grasp Reflex?
    When does it start?
    reflex occurs when the infants palm is touched near the base of the fingers causing the hand to close in a fist

    2-3 mo
  7. When does the gag reflex start
    You are born with it
  8. What is the rooting reflex?
    When does it start?
    what infants do when hungry...can stimulate it by touching their cheek or side of mouth causing them to turn their head and open their mouth

    3-4 mo
  9. What is the Tonic Neck Reflex?
    Time frame?
    • Posture newborns assume in a supine position....
    • they extend their arm and leg on the side to which their head is turn while flexing the extremities of the other side

    weakly present at birth...gone by 4 mo
  10. Pincer Grasp?
    ability to pick up small objects using their pointer finger and thumb to grasp the object

    • 3 months starts
    • mastered 8-12 mo
  11. Object Permanence?
    When does it start?
    realization that objects continue to exist even though they are out of sight

    9 mo
  12. Stranger Anxiety?
    When does it start...and peak?
    infants ability to distinguish between caregivers and others, preferring parents over caregivers causing distress in the child when left with them

    • 6-7 mo
    • 7-9 mo
  13. Separation Anxiety?
    Starts when and peaks?
    Distress and apprehension caused by being removed from parents, home or familiar surroundings

    6-30 mo...peaks in toddler period
  14. Solitary Play?
    Seen when?
    Independent play, choosing to play alone and with toys different from their peers in their area

    Starts at 12 mo and lasts till 3 years
  15. Onlooker play?
    Seen when?
    child observes others playing, may ask questions but wont attempt to join the play

    1-2 years old
  16. Parallel Play?
    Seen when?
    Playing next to but now with other children....very happy to be close to them

    3-5 years old
  17. Associative Play?
    Seen when?
    Group play without goals...they may play with the same type of toys or trade toys, but there is no organization

    3-5 years old
  18. Cooperative Play?
    Seen when?
    Play is now organized and has group goals-there is 1 leader and children are definitely in or out of the group

    Begins in late pre school years....3-5
  19. Dramatic Play?
    Seen when?
    Children act out roles and experiences that may have happened to them or are fearing or have observed

    Pre school age
  20. Familiarization Play
    use of materials that are commonly associated with health care situations in creative and playful activities
  21. Pre operational thought

    child begins to go beyond recognizing things and is able to use words and images to refer to objects
  22. Egocentrism?
    Seen when?
    pre occupation with their own inner world and cant see it from anybody elses vantage pt.

    birth to 2
  23. Autonomy?
    Seen when?
    Independent will and the capacity to be self-governing.

    15 mo
  24. Which group of kids struggles to gain autonomy?
  25. Negativism?
    Seen when?
    the attitude of opposing or resisting the directions of others....a very dramatic expression of independence

    15 mo.
  26. Irreversibility?
    Seen when?
    • Cant do a process in reverse.
    • 3+1=4, but cant do 4-1=3

    4-5 years old
  27. Magical Thought?
    Seen when?
    The belief that events occur because of wishing.

    2-7 years old
  28. Centration?
    Seen when?
    Can only focus on one thing....has a hard time seeing the big picture.  Has a hard time putting a puzzle together cuz cant see it

    3-6 years old
  29. Animism?
    Seen when?
    The perception that all objects have life and feeling (trip over a toy and scold it)

  30. Concrete Operational?
    Seen when?
    Child can distinguish fact from fantasy...thinking becomes more logical

    7-11 years old
  31. Conservation?
    Seen when?
    Ability to understand that certain properties of objects don't change cuz their order, form or appearance has changed (roll out a lump of clay...still clay)

    7-11 years old
  32. Reversibility?
    Seen when?
    ability to retrace a process....can take a toy apart and put it back together or walk to school and find their way back home

    7-11 years old
  33. Intuitive Thought?
    Seen when?
    thinking is based on immediate perceptions of the environment and the childs own viewpoint

    6-7 years old
  34. Classification and Logic?
    Seen when?
    classifying objects according to shapes and sizes or a man can be a father, brother and son all at the same time

    7-11 years old
  35. Abstract thinking?
    Seen when?
    can ID cause and effect, can use concepts and make generalizations

    11-16 years old
  36. Formal Operations?
    Seen when?
    abstract thinking and other centered thinking...analyzing of situations and understanding consequences of behavior

    Adolescence to adulthood
  37. When does puberty start....
    • girls 10-11
    • boys 11-12
  38. Primary sexual characteristics?
    Seen when?
    internal and external reproductive organs in males and females (uterus, penis)

    present at birth
  39. Secondary sexual characteristics?
    physical characteristics of males and females influenced by reproductive hormones but having no direct role in reproduction (voice, body shape, pubic hair, breasts)

    • girls-8-16
    • boys 9-16
  40. When does  a baby do responsive cooing?
    3-4 months
  41. Babbling?
    Seen when?
    Rapid talk and continuously in a foolish, excited or incomprehensible way.

    starts shortly after birth and peaks at 8 mo
  42. Holophrasing?
    Seen when?
    a single word expressing the ideas of a phrase or sentence

    9 mo
  43. Echololia
    stereotyped repetition of another persons words or phrases
  44. Telegraphic Speech Pattern?
    Seen when?
    a stage of speech in which two to four expressions contain a noun and a verb and maintain word order

    1-3 years old
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