IT Acronyms

  1. AWS
    Amazon Web Services
  2. BSS
    Billing Support Systems
  3. CAM (OpenAM)
    Custom Authentication Module
  4. CAPEX
    Capital Expenditure
  5. CDDL
    Common Development and Distribution License
  6. CIP
    Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Console Operations
  8. COTS
    Commercial Off-the-Shelf
  9. CRM (IT)
    Change Request Manager
  10. CRM (Salesforce)
    Customer Relationship Manager
  11. CRUD
    Create, Read, Update, Delete
  12. CTS (OpenAM)
    Core Token Service
  13. DAM
    Data Access Manager
  14. DLP
    Data Loss Preventions
  15. DSML
    Directory Services Markup Language
  16. EC2
    Elastic Compute Cloud
  17. ERP
    Enterprise Resource Planning
  18. ESB
    Enterprise Service Bus
  19. EULA
    End User License Agreement
  20. FERC
    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  21. FIPS
    Federal Information Processing Standard
  22. GRC
    Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  23. ID-WSF
    Liberty web services security standard
  24. IDS
    Intrusion Detection System
  25. IMO
    In My Opinion
  26. IPS
    Intrusion Prevention System
  27. ISO 3166-1
    Standard Countries
  28. JSON
    JavaScript Object Notation
  29. KYC
    Know Your Customer (process)
  30. MDK
  31. NERC
    North American Electric Reliability Corporation
  32. OATH
    Open Authentication (for soft tokens)
  33. Oauth 2.0
    Open standard for authorization. Enables 3rd party authorization like Facebook without forwarding credentials.
  34. OpenICF
    Open Identity Connector Framework
  35. OpenID Connect
  36. OpenIG
    Open Identity Gateway (ForgeRock)
  37. OSGi framework
    Open Services Gateway initiative framework
  38. OSS
    Operational Support Systems
  39. OTP
    One Time Password
  40. PCI DSS
    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  41. PDP
    Policy Decision Point (OpenAM)
  42. PIPEDA
    Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada)
  43. REST
    Representational State Transfer
  44. RIL system
    Results in Learning system
  45. SAML
    Simple Authentication Markup Language
  46. SCIM
    System for Cross-Domain Identity Management
  47. SECO
    Security Operations
  48. SIEM
    Security Incident and Event Manager
  49. SMP
    Session Management Protocol
  50. SOAP
    Services Oriented Application Protocol
  51. SPAM
    Service Provisioning and Account Management
  52. SRP
    Suggested Retail Price
  53. SOC
    Security Operations Center
  54. UIDAI
    Unique Identification Authority of India
  55. UNPW
    User Name & Password
  56. UUID
    Universal Unique Identifier
  57. WAF
    Web Application Firewall
  58. WP
    Windows Phone
  59. WS-Federations
    Windows Systems Federation standard
  60. XACML
    eXtensible Access Control Markup Language
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