WOLE week 1

  1. name 5 things that can cause damage to lines and equipment
    storms; vehicle accidents, third party dig ins; animal contacts; and equipment failures
  2. is the line energized or de energized when doing damage repair
    de energized
  3. name 5 pieces of new equipment that power companies install to improve the operation of the system; is the line energized or de energized when installing equipment
    transformers; switches; line reclosers; capacitors; and voltage regulators; energized
  4. 9 errors that can occur because of operating error
    the incorrect switch, breaker, or disconnect is closed or open, the incorrect device is disabled or enabled, the incorrect line or piece of equipment is cleared or energized, ppg are installed on a energized line or piece of equipment; a piece of equipment or a device is operated in the wrong sequence; circuit loops are paralleled in an out of phase condition
  5. what key document must be reviewed in order to determine the sequence of the operations, when preparing switching order
    maps and diagrams
  6. an operation center is the ______ _____ from which operation of the system is conducted.
    central point
  7. maintenance in the industry is referred to as replacing ______ facilities
  8. the systems operator is responsible for controlling the ____ of _____ in a system
    flow of power
  9. when is the only time the line will be de energized while preforming line work
    damage work
  10. describe a usual method to accomplish moving existing lines or structures a short distance to accommodate projects such as highway widening or bridge installation
    a new line is built along the new route. the new line is energized and the power flow is routed through the line. the existing line is de energized and removed.
  11. name 3 types of projects that would be done to increase the capacity of a line
    converting single phase lines to 3 phase; converting the system to a higher voltage; increasing the conductor size
  12. as a general rule when clearing lines and equipment there are 3 main objectives; what are they
    assure safety of those working on line. minimize the impact to reliability and capacity of system; minimize the number of customers who will be out of service.
  13. these switches are gang operated and all phases can be visually confirmed as open
    air switch
  14. describe a standard clearance
    a condition in which all potential sources of energy are isolated from work area, devices checked and locked open and tagged and grounds installed
  15. what is very important to always verify after operating a switch
    contact position of each phase
  16. what is meant by tagging and locking
    physical attachment of an approved visible tag on or near the device that has been opened for use as a clearance point
  17. tag's may be attached in several manners, in general the tag is installed as close to the ______ _____ or point of operation as possible
    operating handle
  18. list 3 visual open devices
    flying bells, open jumpers; air switches
  19. list two non visual open devices
    reclosers CSP transformer
  20. a _____ ____ clearance is always recommended and required by many companies
    visual open clearance
  21. what are 3 common errors that have occurred when operating lines and equipment
    clearing the wrong line, line section or piece of equipment; failing to clear the line, line section or piece of equipment from all possible energy sources; foreign objects of accidents
  22. what does switching order refer to
    a planned sequence of actions or steps that are followed to accomplish some operation of the system such as clearing a line, transferring load, restoring service
  23. power systems are controlled by _____ ______ who works in a ______ ______
    system operator; operation center
  24. what 3 things do a system operator know
    which lines are de energized; amount of power that is being consumed; system voltage and load.
  25. name 6 areas of work on existing lines
    damage repair; connection new lines and equipment; disconnecting lines and equipment; increase the capacity of existing lines and equipment; relocation of lines and equipment; replace deteriorated facilities
  26. 5 reasons why we clear lines and equipment
    maintenance work on tap lines; storm work; trans structure replacement; changing out substation equipment; replace URD
  27. define line clearance
    formally recognized condition of a line that has been de energized
  28. define clearance point
    any device, connector or open point used to isolate the line or equipment
  29. what is a visual clearance point
    is when the open is in plain view (a gang operated switch or cut out) not required by OSHA, but always recommended and required by many companies.
  30. standard clearance
    line de energized, devices checked and locked, open and tagged, and grounds installed. people will be working on the cleared line.
  31. safety clearance
    line shut off, but no visual open or grounding, people will not be working on cleared line, used to eliminate induction problem on near by lines clearance, or to eliminate possibility of accidental contact.
  32. gang operated switch
    common clearance point; creates visual open for each phase that must be verified
  33. single blade disconnect
    creates a visual open
  34. line reclosers
    contacts open inside tank; not visual open
  35. open jumper
    creates visual open point
  36. open in line sectionalizers
    creates visual open point; examples include; flying bells; line openers
  37. what is the key task that is commonly preformed when clearing lines and equipment and operation the system
    operation of switches
  38. locking
    opens rendered inoperable, and tagged; visual opens are established for clearance points
  39. where should a tag be placed
    as close as possible to operation handle
  40. tagging means
    the physical attachment of an approved visible tag on or near the device that has been opened for use as a clearance point
  41. what are a key document a lineman and the system operator use
    switching orders
  42. SCADA
    supervisor control and data acquisition
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