King Air 350 Oral Exam 1

  1. If you are flying along and the left "GEN TIE OPEN" annunciator illuminates, what has happened with regard to the Center Bus?
    The left generator bus has been isolated from the center bus
  2. What bus powers the cockpit emergency lights?
    Dual Fed bus
  3. Under normal conditions, what should the generator voltage read?
    28.25 +/-0.25
  4. With Battery Switch OFF and Battery Bus switch EMER OFF, what should the Battery Bus voltage read?
  5. What does a flashing EXT PWR annunciator mean?
    GPU is electrically disconnected from aircraft (Ext Pwr Switch off);  or if on and GPU connected, voltage is incorrect.
  6. What type of engine is installed in the King Air 350?  How much HP does it produce?
    PT6A-60A; 1050 SHP
  7. What does the compressor bleed valve do during engine start?
    Prevents compressor stalls; At low RPM the axial flow compressor produces more pressure than the centrifugal compressor can handle.
  8. When should engine oil be checked to insure accurate reading?
    Within 15 minutes after shutdown
  9. What is the engine starting ITT limit?
    1000o C for 5 seconds
  10. What is the maximum cruise climb ITT?
    785 C
  11. If the high pressure fuel pump fails, what will happen to the engine?
    It will flame out.
  12. What occurs when the BAT BUS switch is placed in the EMER OFF position?
    The battery relay and BAT TIE will open along with the RCCB.
  13. If the LDG/TAXI advisory light is on, what does it indicate?
    At least one of the three landing and taxi lights are on and the nose gear uplock switch has made contact.
  14. What will the cabin lights do when oxygen is supplied to the passenger masks?
    They will go to the bright position.
  15. What battery voltage is required to connect a GPU?
  16. What is the minimum battery voltage required for a battery start?
  17. What happens if you forget to turn the starter off before bringing the respective generator online?
    Nothing.  The generator will not go online with the starter on.
  18. If the oil pressure drops below 60 PSI, what should you do?
    Consider shutting down the engine; oil pressure below 60 PSI is unsafe.
  19. What should you do if oil pressure is between 60 and 90 PSI?
    Oil pressure between 60 and 90 PSI is undesireable; tolerate only for the completion of the flight, and do not exceed 62% Torque.
  20. How is the fuel heated prior to reaching the FCU?
    Fuel to oil heat exchanger.
  21. What is the max continuous ITT?
    820 C
  22. In cold air, how high can oil pressure acceptably read during start?
    0 - 200 psi
  23. What is the minimum oil pressure in idle?
    60 psi
  24. What is normal oil pressure?
    90 - 135 psi
  25. What are the engine starter cycle time limitations?
    • 30 sec on / 5 min off
    • 30 sec on / 5 min off
    • 30 sec on / 30 min off
  26. What is the maximum torque during takeoff?
  27. What is the maximum continuous torque?
  28. What is the maximum torque for 20 seconds?
  29. What type of compressors does the PT6A-60A have?
    3 stage axial compressor and 1 centrifugal compressor.
  30. How many turbine stages does the PT6A-60A engine have?
    1 compressor turbine and 2 power turbine stages.
  31. When does the auto-ignition come on?
    When the auto-iginition switch is on and the engine torque drops below 17%.
  32. If the engine oil is 5 quarts low during preflight inspection, what should you do?
    Start the engine, run it for 2 minutes, then re-check the oil.
  33. Can you mix different types of oil in the engine?
  34. With the fire test switch in the DET position, what light comes on?
    Engine Fire lights
  35. How many portable fire extinguishers are on board and where are they located?
    2  one under the copilot's seat, one by the main cabin door.
  36. What happens when the F/W VALVE PUSH switch is depressed?
    fuel firewall valve closes and the fire bottle is armed
  37. If the battery is off and the F/W VALVE PUSH switch is depressed, what will happen?
    the Fire Extinguisher will arm
  38. Which bus powers the fire detection system?
    Triple Fed Bus
  39. What happens with a  failure of the primary governor oil pump?
    The propeller will feather
  40. The prop levers control propeller speed in what RPM range?
    1450-1700 RPM
  41. When will the autofeather system arm during a takeoff?
    When the power levers are advanced beyond a position corresponding to 88% (87%-89%)
  42. What governor controls propeller speed in the event the prop becomes fixed pitch?  Where does it regulate N2?
    Fuel-topping governor;  6% higher than selected by the governor and 5% lower for minimum speed
  43. What does the PROP PITCH annunciator indicate?
    Prop blade angle is more than 8* below flight idle stop (12*)
  44. What governor regulates propeller RPM in reverse?
    Fuel topping governor at 95% of selected RPM
  45. The Overspeed Governor limits N2 to what RPM?
    1768 RPM, or 104% of maximum.
  46. What are the propeller blade angles?
    • Feather         79.3*
    • oFlight Idle     12*
    • Ground Idle    2*
    • Ground Fine   -2*
    • Reverse        -14*
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