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  1. Sp1
    • Jing Well
    • any Sp deficiency bleeding
    • emotional issues- worry, depression, eating disorder
  2. Sp2
    • Ying Spring
    • Distal meridian- mouth ulcer
    • Damp heat- gout, bi syndrome
  3. Sp3
    • Yuan/Shu stream
    • tonify Sp qi & yang
    • reduce excess- abd pain, weakness
  4. Sp4
    • Luo, Chong
    • Sp & St disease- severe pain, dysentery, food poison
    • gynecological & abd stagnation
  5. Sp6
    • 3 yin cross pt (Lv, Ki, Sp)
    • tonify yin & blood- deficiency digestive disorders, sinking, prolapse
    • gyno(related to dec blood)- diff labour, irregular menstrual issues
    • male dysfunction- seminal emission, penis pain
    • blood & bleeding disorders- hypertension, vertigo
    • regulate urine- frequent urine, edema¬†
    • skin disease- wind wheal, bleeding
    • emotional issues- anxiety, insomnia, ppts
  6. Sp8
    • xi cleft
    • acute dysmenorrhea (painful)- stagnation, clots, fibroids, irregular menses
    • male infertility- seminal emission, depleted essence
  7. Sp9
    • He Sea
    • Internal damp- difficult urine, edema, lower jiao, damp, bi, diarrhea w/ def & damp
    • skin disease- eczema, gyno infections
    • gb damp heat- hepatitis, jaundice
  8. Sp10
    • any blood disease of heat, stasis & deficiency,gyno
    • skin disease of damp heat or blood heat- wind wheal, eczema, sores
    • genital- pain, swelling, itch
  9. Sp12
  10. Sp15
    regulate St qi- constipation, pain, distention
  11. Sp18
    • Opens chest, promote breast circulation- milk, mastitis
    • descend Lu qi- chest oppression, sob, cough, hiccup, running pig
  12. Sp21
    • Grand Luo
    • when point deficient- joints flaccid, entire body in ¬†pain
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