radiology test

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  1. Intraoral Radiographic Examination
    Radiographic inspection of the teeth and intraoral adjacent structures.

    Are the foundation of dental radiography
  2. Intraoral Receptors
  3. Placed inside the mouth to examine the teeth and supporting structures.
  4. Three types common exams
    Periapical examination

    Interproximal examination

    Occlusal examination
  5. Periapical Examination
    Used to examine the entire tooth (crown and root) and supporting bone

    Peri means around

    apex referring to the terminal end of a tooth root
  6. Periopical images show what on the tooth?
    The terminal end of a root tooth

    Surrounding bone

  7. Periapical Technique
    Paralleling Technique

    Bisecting Technique
  8. Intraproximal Examination
    used to examine the crowns of maxillary and mandibular teeth on a single image

    is useful in examining adjacent tooth surfaces and crestal bone
  9. Intraproximal Examination Technique
    Bite-wing receptor
  10. Occlusal Examination
    Used to examine large areas of the maxilla or the mandible in one area
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