Wines of the World (test 1)

  1. what are the two lakes that moderate the weather in NY
    lake ontario, and lake Erie.
  2. what are the 4 wine regions of NY?
    • Lake Erie
    • Finger Lakes
    • Hudson River Valley
    • Long Island
  3. Which is the Oldest AVA in NY
    Hudson River Valley

    *focus on Vinifera and Hybrids (especially Riesling and cab franc)
  4. How many Lakes are in Finger Lakes
  5. Who is the Dr. Clore/ Father of Vinifera of NY?
    Dr. Konstantin Frank
  6. What 3 states does Lake Erie AVA span?
    NY, Ohio, and Pennsylvania
  7. what is the name given to the practice of adding table sugar to wine?
  8. what is the newest wine region in NY?
    Long Island
  9. Long island is split in two areas what are they? and which has most the Vineyards?
    Two areas are North Fork and South Fork (aka Hamptons). Most Wineries are on the North Fork.
  10. There are 7 appellations in Oregon, three of which are also in Washington. what are they?
    • Willamette Valley
    • Umpqua Valley
    • Rogue Valley
    • Applegate Valley

    • Columbia Valley
    • Walla Walla
    • Columbia Gorge
  11. What types of soils do the Oregonians boast about?
    • Red Jory soil, and Willakenzie.
    • most soils is willamette are volcanic sedimentary.
  12. what percent of wine listed on the label must come from that variety in OR
    • 95%
    • or 75% if its 1 of 18 exceptionable varieties
  13. What are the 11 AVA's of WA?
    • Puget Sound
    • Yakima
    • Walla Walla
    • Columbia Valley
    • Columbia Gorge
    • Snipes Mountain
    • RattleSnake Hills
    • Lake Chelan
    • Red Mountain
    • Horse Heaven Hills
    • Wahluke Slope
  14. 1st wine grapes planted where? by who?
    fort vancouver by the Hudson Bay CO.
  15. which WA AVA is the oldest and which is the largest?
    Yakima is oldest. Columbia Valley is largest.
  16. what are the two most important wine regions of Canada?
    British Columbia (50th latitude) and Ontario (46-48 latitude).
  17. What are the 4 wine districts of British Columbia?
    • Vancouver Island
    • Fraser Valley
    • Similkameen Valley
    • Okanagan Valley
  18. what are the three wine districts of ontario?
    • Lake Erie North Shore
    • Pelee Island
    • The Niagara Peninsula
  19. what are the 3 varietals that are best for nobel rot?
    • semillion
    • Chenin Blanc
    • Riesling
  20. who regulates the strict laws pertaining to Ice Wines in Canada?
    The VQA or Vintners Quality Alliance.
  21. what is the highest temperature that ice wine may be produced at?
    -8C (17F)
  22. the united states is ranked ___ in wine production.
  23. california accounts for __% of US wine production
  24. what does TTB stand for?
    alcohol, tobacco, tax and trade bureau.
  25. what does AVA stand for?
    American Viticultural Area
  26. What are the 6 definitions of an AVA?
    • * A country
    • *US state or foreign equivalent
    • *A listing of up to three states (multi state appellation)
    • *US county or the foreign equivalent
    • *a listing of up to three counties.
    • *a US or foreign government recognized delimited grape-growing area (VA's)
  27. in the US what % of the wine must come from the AVA to be labeled as such?
  28. what was the 1st commercial winery in CA?
    • Haraszthy's Buena Vista
    • *shortly after was Gustav Neibaums Inglenook
  29. There are currently over 100 AVA's in CA. What are the 5 major regions containing these AVA's?
    • North Coast
    • Central Coast
    • South Coast
    • Central Valley
    • Sierra Foothills
  30. what are the 5 AVA's in North Coast?
    • Mendocino
    • Lake County
    • Napa Valley
    • Sonoma Valley
    • Los Carneros (part of napa and sonoma)
  31. what are the most renowned AVA's of Napa? (there are 14, I have 7 listed, know 5)
    • Stags leap
    • Rutherford
    • oakville
    • spring mountain district
    • mount veeder
    • howell mountain
    • atlas peak
  32. Sonoma has 13 AVA's. what are 7? and which 4 are most important?
    • Sonoma Valley
    • Sonoma Mountain
    • Bennett Valley
    • *Alexander Valley
    • *Russian River Valley
    • *dry Creek Valley
    • *Knights Valley
  33. What are the 3 sub AVA's of the sierra foothills and which one is most known for old vine Zins?
    • *Amador
    • El Dorado
    • Yuba County
  34. what are the AVA's of the central district starting with the largest?
    • LODI
    • alta mesa, borden ranch, capay valley, clarksburg, clements hills, cosumnes river, diablo grande, dunnigan hills, jahant, madera, merritt island, mokelumne river, river junction, salado creek, sloughhouse, tracy hills.
  35. what are the 8 AVA's of the North Central Coast?
    • monterey County
    • Santa Cruz mountains
    • santa clara valley
    • chalone
    • mount harlan
    • carmel valley
    • Santa Lucia highlands
    • Arroyo Seco
  36. what are the 7 AVAs of south central coast?
    • paso robles
    • york mountains
    • edna valley
    • arroyo grande
    • santa marie
    • santa Ynez
    • santa rita
  37. when was prohibition and how many states were already totally dry before the legislation passed?
    prohibition was 1920-1933 and 30 states were already dry before that.
  38. what is the significance of jean-louis Vignes?
    1st commercial winery in CA, 1st CA winemaker to import european vines, and 1st to export CA wines.
  39. what is the significance of Agoston Haraszthy?
    • Hungarian political exile. cultivated the 1st vineyard in wisconsin. 1st sheriff of san diego. imported cuttings of european vines.
    • when he amassed 165 different wine varieties he purchased 560 acres near Sonoma and planted Buena Vista Winery.
  40. what type of wine is mendocino known for?
    sparkling. (most famous vineyard is Roederer estate)
  41. who was the man associated with the growth of Sonoma?
    Russel Green. oil mogul who bought Simi.
  42. which wine region in california produces 3/4 of all CA wine?
    Central Valley (Gallo produces 1/2 of that)
  43. what is the difference between a hybrid and a cross
    • hybrid is two different species ie lubrusca + vinifera
    • cross is two of the same species vinifera + vinifera
  44. what is an example of a hybrid
    • baca noir
    • fulley blanche
  45. what is an example of a cross
    • muller thurgough
    • pinotage
    • ruby cabernet
  46. name three trellising methods
    • bush (gobelet)
    • goyot
    • double goyot
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