CNA: Chapter 17

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  1. catheter
    a tube used to drain or inject fluid through a body opening
  2. dysuria
    painful or difficult (dys) urination (uria)
  3. functional incontinence
    the person has bladder control but cannot use the toilet in time
  4. hematuria
    blood (hemat) in the urine (uria)
  5. mixed incontinence
    having more than one type of incontinence
  6. nocturia
    frequent urination at night (noct)
  7. oliguria
    scant amount (olig) of urine (uria); less than 500 mL in 24 hours
  8. overflow incontinence
    small amounts of urine leak from a bladder that is always full
  9. polyuria
    abnormally large amounts (poly) of urine (uria)
  10. reflex incontinence
    the loss of urine at predictable intervals when the bladder is full
  11. stress incontinence
    when urine leaks during exercise and certain movements that cause pressure on the bladder
  12. urge incontinence
    the loss of urine in response to a sudden, urgent need to void; the person cannot get to a toilet in time
  13. urinary frequency
    voiding at frequent intervals
  14. urinary incontinence  
    the involuntary loss or leakage of urine
  15. urinary urgency
    the need to void at once
  16. urination / voiding
    the process of emptying urine from the bladder; voiding
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