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  1. What are CRATERS?
    large round pits found on the moon
  2. What is the word for "equal nights" meaning day and night are about 12 hrs. each everywhere on Earth?
  3. When Earth is between the moon and Sun there is a _____ eclipse.
  4. Dark spots on the moon caused by asteroids hitting the surface are named ____.
  5. What is it called when the Earth goes around the sun, it takes one year to do complete this___
  6. This causes day and night while Earth is on an axis....
  7. When the Moon is between the Earth and Sun a ___ eclipse.
  8. The darkest part of the moon's shadow and is cone-shaped.
  9. How did the moon form?
    Scientists think a planet-sized object collided with Earth to form the Moon.
  10. How large is the moon compared to Earth?
    Earth is 3.7 times larger than the moon. or the moon is 1/4 the size of Earth
  11. Rocketry follows  what law of physics?
    For every force/action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  12. What causes day and night?
    Earth's rotation which takes 24 hours.
  13. What causes the seasons?
    The TILT of the Earth's axis as it revolves around the sun.
  14. What causes tides?
    how much gravitational pull moon has on the Earth
  15. When are tides highest?
    When Sun, Earth, and Moon are nearly in a line
  16. Which phase of the moon you see depends on what?
    how much of the sunlit side faces Earth
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