Light reactions

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    • What goes into light reactions?
    • 1 H2O, 4 photons light, ADP, Pi, NADP
  1. What is produced by light reactions?
    1 ATP, 1 NADPH + H, 1/2 O2
  2. What is chlorophyll?
    A pigment molecule that absorbs light energy
  3. What are the 2 types of chlorophyll & what do they mean?
    P680 & P700- wavelength (in nm) of light absorbed
  4. What is ATP synthase?
    An enzyme that catalyses ATP synthesis
  5. How is ATP formed in e- transport?
    Energy from electron flow allows a H+ pump to pump H+ from stroma-thylakoid, creates a concentration gradient, then H+ diffuse back across membrane through ATP synthase
  6. What is NADP?
    An oxidizing agent (accepts electrons)
  7. What are the products of light reactions used for?
    Powering the Calvin cycle
  8. What happens in electron transport?
    Electrons drop down to a lower energy level in steps via electron carrier molecules
  9. What are the main parts of the electron transport chain?
    H2O--photosystem II--electrons @ higher energy level (light)--photosystem I (& flow-ATP synthase-ATP)-- electrons @ higher energy level (light)--NADPH+H
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