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    • What is a cell?
    • A basic unit of life
  1. What does the cell theory state?
    All living things are made up of cells, cells are ths basic units of structure & function in living things, & new cells are produced from existing cells
  2. What do all cells have?
    DNA & a cell membrane
  3. What are the 2 major parts of a cell?
    Nucleus & cytoplasm
  4. Why is the nucleus important?
    It contains almost all of the cell's genetic info which gives instructions for making proteins
  5. Vacuole function
    Stores materials (water, salts, proteins, & carbs)
  6. Vesticle function
    Stores & moves materials between cell organelles
  7. Lysosome function
    Breaks down lipids, carbs, & proteins (polymers) & used in cell defense
  8. Cytoskeleton function
    Gives the cell its shape, internal structure, & anchors organelles
  9. Why do plant cells need bigger vacuoles than animal cells?
    Cell walls make it harder for water & other things to go in & out of the cell
  10. Ribosome function
    Where proteins are assembled
  11. Rough ER function
    Refines proteins by putting them in 2, 3, & 4 shapes & sorts/stores
  12. Golgi apparatus function
    Modifies, sorts, & packages protiens & other materials from the ER for storage in the cell or release
  13. Chloroplast function
    Captures the energy from sunlight & converts it into food
  14. Mitochondria function
    Converts chemical energy in food into compounds that are easier for the cell to use
  15. Cell wall function
    Supports, shapes, & protects the cell
  16. Cell membrane function
    Regulates what enters the & leaves the cell & protects/supports the cell
  17. What are the 2 types of cytoskeleton?
    Microtubules & microfilaments
  18. What are the 2 types of ribosomes?
    Free & bound
  19. What does the endomembrane system include?
    Nuclear membrane, rough & smooth ER, golgi apparatus, lysosomes, vacuoles, & plasma/cell membrane
  20. What are the 3 functions of the smooth ER?
    Synthesizes lipids, catabolizes carbs, & detoxifies molecules
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