8.1 - Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Christians and Bible
    • Teachings of Jesus (Sermons) - should use it as a guide and follow it.
    • Jesus's life (Gospels) - son of God so he is a perfect example to follow.
    • Bible is God's word and as he is omniscient, we should follow him.
    • The Decalogue - most important rules so we should follow them.
  2. Christians and Church
    • The Pope is inspired by God - so he must be right.
    • Christian leaders spend their lives studying Christianity and the Bible - they have knowledge.
    • Contemporary issues can be studied - genetic engineering didn't exist before.
    • Church is body of Christ - by following Church, we are following Christ.
  3. Situation Ethics (For)
    • The church teaches 'love thy neighbor'
    • Bible says 'Do everything in love'
    • Jesus followed situation ethics as he over-ruled the Old Testament
    • Christianity is based on forgiveness, by doing the most loving thing, you'll be forgiven.
  4. Moral Authorities
    • Law and teachings of Bible
    • Teachings and guidance of church
    • The conscience
    • Principles of situation ethics
  5. Humans right are important to Christians
    • The right to marry - thou shalt not commit adultury
    • Right to life - thou shalt not murder
    • Right to fair trial - Jesus listened to a women who was blamed for committing adultery
    • Right to equality - Everyone created in the image of God
  6. Human Rights in UK
    • right to life
    • right to food
    • right to liberty
    • right to education
    • right to healthcare
    • right to privacy
  7. Why is it important to take part in Democratic processes?
    • Allows us to have a say in decisions.
    • Decisions made affect everyone.
    • Only way to bring change.
    • People have fought for the right to vote and we should respect that.
  8. Genetic Engineering
    • Genetic disorders may be cured using genetic therapy to replace missing genes
    • Hormones and proteins can be produced for example insulin for diabetics
    • Inherited disorders like cystic fibrosis could be removed from embryos
    • It could be used to grow better crops
  9. Christian Attitudes to genetic engineering (For)
    • GM crops do not cause harm so acceptable
    • Golden Rule - Cure disorders
    • Follow Jesus's example and try and improve other people's health
    • God has given us knowledge and we to use it to help save human lives
  10. Christian Attitudes to genetic engineering (Against)
    • Only God can create life - shouldn't play God
    • Life is sacred and special so humans shouldn't do anything against it.
    • Life begins at conception so using embryos is murder
    • Things like short sightedness doesn't cause suffering so it doesn't need to be cured
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