"The Sign of Saturn" -Sharon Olds

  1. 1
    • Sometimes my daughter looks at me with an
    • amber black look, like my father
    • about to pass out from disgust, and I remember
    • she was born under the sign of Saturn,
    • the father who ate his children. Sometimes
    • the dark, silent back of her head
    • reminds me of him unconscious on the couch
  2. 2
    • every night, his face turned away.
    • Sometimes I hear her talking to her brother
    • with that coldness that passed for reason in him,
    • that anger hardened by will, and when she rages
    • into her room, and slams the door,
    • I can see his vast blank back
    • when he passed out to get away from us
  3. 3
    • and lay while the bourbon turned, in his brain,
    • to coal. Sometimes I see that coal
    • ignite in her eyes. As I talk to her,
    • trying to persuade her toward the human, her little
    • clear face tilts as if she can
    • not hear me, as if she were listening
    • to the blood in her own ear, instead,
    • her grandfather's voice.
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"The Sign of Saturn" -Sharon Olds
"The Sign of Saturn" -Sharon Olds