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  1. cardinal
    Of prime importance; principle, pivotal. 

    That was the ___ point of his proposal; everything else hinged on it.

    His ___ rule is what goes around, comes around.
  2. Figment
    Invention of the mind; something imagined, myth.

    The science-fiction story was a ___ of a fertile mind.

    Mickey Mouse was a profitable ___ of Walt Disney's imagination.
  3. Muse
    To consider thoughtfully; Ponder, reflect.

    Let's ___  over this idea before we act on it.

    Mary ___ peacefully after hearing about the successful merger.
  4. Negligible
    So small or unimportant that one may disregard it; minor, of little account.

    The moisture in hot desert air is ___.

    Since you have such little invested, your risk is _____.
  5. Reproach
    To blame for something wrong; expressed disapproval.

    His performance on the project was above ____.

    Lydia ____ John for ignoring her during football season.
  6. Spasmodic
    Sudden, but short-lived; fitful, variable.

    Hanks ____ efforts won't please a boss who likes consistency.

    On cold days, my battery only provides ___ power.
  7. Spurn
    To reject with scorn; snub, decline.

    The star quarterback ___ an offer of mere million a year.

    I'm really insulted; they ___ our proposal without even reading it.
  8. Discharge
    To perform as a duty; fulfill, execute.

    She's a model officer who ___ her duties perfectly.

    The Senate ___ it's duty by ratifying the treaty.
  9. Dissident
    One who differs in thought or opinion.

    We would have total agreement at board meetings except for Tom, who is such a ____.

    She was a ____ author during the soviet period.
  10. Envoy
    Anyone entrusted with a mission; an agent, a representative.

    Don't send your ___; I would rather talk to you in person.

    Lydia is the perfect ____ to send to this negotiation; she thinks on her feet, and is completely loyal to our company.
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