Akkadian Vocabulary - Chapter 4

  1. balāṭum
    to live; be alive, be healthy; to get well, recover
  2. gamārum
    to bring to an end; to annihilate; to use up; to settle; to encompass, control; to finish
  3. kanākum
    to seal; to place under seal
  4. maḫārum
    to accept, receive; to approach, meet confront
  5. šalāmum
    • to become whole, sound, well, uninjured, safe; to
    • recover; to arrive safely; to succeed, prosper; to be completed
  6. aḫum
  7. alpum
    ox, bull
  8. eṭlum
    young man, youth
  9. kakkum
  10. napištum
    life, vigor, good health; person; personnel; self; throat
  11. šamnum
    oil, fat
  12. šikarum
    beer, intoxicating liquid
  13. damqum
    good, of good quality; beautiful; favorable; expert
  14. dannum
    strong, solid; mighty, powerful; fortified; fierce, savage; severe, difficult; urgent;
  15. ḫalqum
    escaped; missing, lost
  16. kašdum
    successful, achieved; conquered; having arrived, available
  17. maqtum
    fallen, collapsed, in ruins
  18. marṣum
    sick, ill; diseased, painful; difficult
  19. nakarum, nakirum, nakrum
    hostile, inimical; foreign
  20. rapšum
    wide; broad
  21. ṣabtum
    seized; deposited; captive, prisoner
  22. šaknum
    placed, lying, situated, located, present; established, appointed; endowed, provided
  23. šarqum
  24. ṭābum
    pleasant, pleasing
  25. ul, ula
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