1. What sort of cells can common lymphoid progenitors become?
    T Cells; B Cells; NK cells
  2. What Cluster of Differentiation (CD) proteins do Pro-B and Pre B-1 cells have
    CD 10; CD 34
  3. They then develop characteristic CD__ and CD __ markers.
    CD 19; CD 20
  4. What does VDJ stand for? How many genes each? Ig heavy of light ?
    Variable (50); Diversity (25); Junction (6)
  5. Which is spliced first VD or DJ? Which proteins control it?
    DJ controlled by RAG1 and RAG2
  6. How are nave B cells screened for auto reactivity (3 methods)?
    High xlinking with self; Minimal xlinking (anergy); Receptor editing (40-50% rearrange another light chain)
  7. Where do nave B-Cells move to ? What do they need for further differentiation?
    Spleen; LN; MALT; GALT; Need Ag and Tcell help
  8. IL __ causes T cells to be creased from common lymphoid progenitors ?
  9. Where do T cells migrate to initially? What is a double positive thymocyte ?
    Thymus in the cortex; common thymocytes express CD4 and CD8
  10. What is the structure of athe TCR? What is CD3?
    Tcell a1a2:b1b2; CD3 g1e1 d1e1
  11. What is the VDJ segment of chain similar to? Does alpha; beta; gamma or delta have 2 common regions?
    Undergo VDJ similar to Ig; Beta has 2 constant regions
  12. CD4 cells are called ____ while CD8 cells become ____ !
    CD4 Thelper and CD8 Cytotoxic Tcell
  13. Which TCR chain rearranges fist ? Which has VDJ vs VJ ?
    "Beta rearranged first; b=VDJ
  14. Next T cells undergo positive and negative selection! What is this ?
    Positive=Only Tcells which interact MHC are kept; Negative=Tcells with increased increased affinitiy for self are deleted or become Treg celss
  15. In the thymus medullary epitherial cells the ____ gene is epressed to expose self antigens
  16. What is autosomal recessive AIRE defiency called
    APECED - Autoimmune PolyEndocrinopathy with Candidiasis and Ectodermal Dystrophy
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