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  1. name 3 fleas.
    • ctenocephalides felis  cat 
    • ctenocephalides canis dog
    • pulex irritans   man
  2. what type of parasites are they
    temporary parasites and can only infect at adult stage adult flea
  3. are fleas zoonotic
    yes technical they are
  4. What are the feauture of flies
    • 3 pairs of legs, wingless  1 pair of antennae 
    • latterly compressed flattened 
    • dark brown up to 4mm long
    • bristles all over body head has long spines called combs  piercing mouth parts adapted for sucking blood and differentiating between species
  5. what is injected into host and what does it cause
    saliva is ingected into host and as the flea feeds and causes allergens in flea allergy.
  6. C.felis lifecycle is
    complete metaphorphosis
  7. how does the lifecycle work
    • female lays eggs on ground or on the host and they fall to the ground 
    • larvae hatch from eggs after 2 days 
    • up to 2 weeks depending on condition 
    • larvae appear as bristle maggots 
    • moult twice in 1 week 
    • they spin a cocoon and pupate within for 2 weeks or up to two years 
    • they then emerge as adults 
    • They will not emerge unless they can detect a host by pressure co2 and temperature
    • hence the length of the life cycle varying form 3-4 weeks to 2years.
  8. what can all three fleas act as intermediate hosts for
    tapeworm dipyilidium caninium
  9. how do they act as intermediate hosts
    • the flea larvae ingest the tapeworm eggs which then devolps along with the flea
    • final host ingest the flea during grooming
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