Spanish Verbs -AR

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  1. abrazar
    to embrace, to hug
  2. acabar
    to finish, to complete
  3. admirar
    to admire
  4. andar
    to walk
  5. bailar
    to dance
  6. besar
    to kiss
  7. buscar
    to look for
  8. caminar
    to walk
  9. cantar
    to sing
  10. charlar
    to chat
  11. cocinar
    to cook
  12. comprar
    to buy
  13. conjugar
    to conjugate
  14. cuidar
    to care for
  15. dejar
    to leave (something)
  16. descansar
    to rest
  17. desear
    to desire, to want
  18. entrar (en)
    to enter
  19. escuchar
    to listen to
  20. esperar
    to wait for, to hope
  21. estudiar
    to study
  22. gastar
    to spend (money)
  23. gritar
    to shout
  24. hablar
    to speak
  25. hallar
    to find
  26. limpiar
    to clean
  27. llamar
    to call
  28. llegar (a)
    to arrive
  29. llevar
    to wear, to carry
  30. mandar
    to send
  31. manejar
    to drive
  32. mirar
    to look at, to watch
  33. nadar
    to swim
  34. necesitar
    to need
  35. pagar
    to pay for
  36. pasar
    to spend (time)
  37. pintar
    to paint
  38. preparar
    to prepare
  39. regresar
    to return
  40. terminar
    to complete, to finish
  41. tocar
    to play (an instrument), to touch
  42. tomar
    to take (food)
  43. trabajar
    to work
  44. viajar
    to travel
  45. visitar
    to visit
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