Medical Terminology 4

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  1. Rales
    Small clicking bubbling or rattling sounds in the lungs
  2. regurgitation
    Flow in the opposite direction from normal
  3. rhinitis
    inflammation of the nasal mucosal lining
  4. sedation
    calming by administration of a sedative drug
  5. somnolence
    excess drowsiness or sleepiness
  6. sputum
    Matter ejected from respiratory system through mouth
  7. sublingual
    beneath the tongue
  8. subcutaneous
    beneath the skin
  9. syncope
    Temporary loss of consciousness caused by lack of oxygen, fainting
  10. systemic
    affecting the body as a whole
  11. tachycardia
    very rapid heart rate
  12. tachyphylaxis
    decreased response to a drug over time
  13. tachypnea
    rapid breathing
  14. thrombocytopenia
    abnormal drop in platelets
  15. tinnitus
    Hearing ringing, buzzing or other sounds without external cause
  16. transdermal
    entering through the skin
  17. unilateral
    on one side
  18. urticaria
  19. vertigo
    Sensation of irregular spinning or whirling motion of self or surroundings
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