1.4 - Religion and Community Cohesion

  1. Changing Attitudes to gender roles in UK
    • Women can vote and become MPs because of changes in law
    • Women can do any jobs they want because of changes in law and effects of war
    • women are better educated because of effective contraception & equal rights legislation
    • Men are more involved in child care and life because of changes in attitude
  2. Christian Attitudes to equal right for women  (Against)
    • Bible says women should obey their husbands
    • Bible says women should be silent in church
    • All of Jesus's disciples were men
    • Jesus left the church in hands of Saint Peter and he was a man
  3. Christian attitudes to equal rights for women (For)
    • Bible says 'God created men and women in his own image'
    • Jesus did not discriminate between genders; he talked to and taught both
    • Women followers stayed by Jesus on the cross and were first to see him after resurrection
    • Golden Rule suggests that everyone should be respected
  4. Muslim attitudes to gender roles (Male)
    All humans are equal but not the same
    • Qur'an teaches that men should protect women
    • Men should provide for wife and children - raising them within Islam
    • Should dress in modest clothing
    • Should attend mosque for prayer
    • Worship separately to women in mosque
  5. Muslim attitudes to gender roles (Female)
    All humans are equal but not the same
    • Required to have children
    • Expected to look after home and children - raising children within Islam
    • Should dress modestly in loose clothing
    • Do not have to attend mosque for prayer
    • Worship separately to men
    • Are free to work and have a career
  6. UK - a multi-ethnic society (Problems)
    • Ignorance - being uninformed or uneducated about others
    • Racism - the belief that some ethnic groups are superior to others
    • Discrimination - treating someone differently because of prejudice
    • Persecution - as a result of racism, many people have their human rights abused
  7. UK - a multi-ethnic society (Benefits)
    • Encourages racial harmony - helps people understand each other
    • Gives wider a variety of music, food, clothes and culture
    • Brings new people with fresh ideas
  8. Government promoting community cohesion
    • Race Relations Act 1976: made it unlawful to discriminate against people
    • Made it illegal to to use abusive or insulting words of racial nature in public
    • Commission for racial equality: created to fight racism, teach importance of racial equality &¬† deal with complaints of racism
    • 'Britishness' test: all immigrants take it to ensure they have a basic knowledge of British Life
  9. Christians promoting racial harmony (Why)
    • Jesus: The parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus taught to love one another.
    • Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
    • Bible: God created man in his own image.
    • Church: Condemns racism and encourages all Christians to treat everyone the same.
  10. Muslims promoting racial harmony (Why)
    • Qur'an: No race is better than any other
    • Prophet: There is no difference between Arabs and Non-Arabs
    • Allah created all humans
    • All people are descended from Adam and Eve
  11. Muslims promoting racial harmony (How)
    • Muslims pray together in Arabic.
    • Muslims from all over the world make pilgrimage (Hajj) to the holy city.
    • All Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan.
    • All Muslims pray facing Makkah.
  12. UK - Multi-faith society (Positives)
    • Greater understanding and tolerance or beliefs of other.
    • Varied and rich culture life from experiencing different culture and traditions.
    • Better understanding of different viewpoints.
    • New ways of living and enjoying life.
  13. UK - Multi-faith society (Negatives)
    • It's not always easy to be open and understanding towards the view of others.
    • There have been examples of religious persecution and hatred.
    • Religious tension exists between different faith groups.
    • Beliefs and values of some groups may be ignored.
  14. Issues in multi-faith society
    • Conversion: one group of believers try to convert to another faith and this can cause conflict.
    • Interfaith Marriages: Two people from different faiths getting married. This can cause conflict between two families with different beliefs.
    • Raising Children: In interfaith marriages, both parents want the children to follow their religion and a mixture of belief can cause confusion.
  15. Religion and Community Cohesion
    • Religious Groups: (Council of Christians) work together to open discussions and heal divisions between faiths.
    • Basic Understanding: God made all humans equal.
    • Celebration of festivals and worship: show respect and unity.
    • Encouraging representation of different faith groups in jobs: allows good role models and unity.
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