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  1. The body’s maintenance of a “stable internal environment” is?
  2. What are three examples of things that require being maintained within narrow limits?
    Blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar levels
  3. What are the three components of a homeostatic mechanism (in correct order)?
    • 1. receptor
    • 2. control center
    • 3. effector
  4. This part of the homeostatic mechanism Provides information about specific conditions in the body?
  5. This part of the homeostatic mechanism Analysis information presented by receptors, compares receptor input to normal “set point” and then Sends correcting signals to correct change from normal?
    Control centers
  6. This part of the homeostatic mechanism Cause responses that alter conditions in the internal environment (Example: change in diameter of blood vessels, sweating, etc)?
  7. What is the primary mechanism used in the homeostasis?
    Negative Feedback Mechanism
  8. What does a negative feedback mechanism do?
    A deviation from the set point is negated (brought back to normal)
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