Vocab B 51-75

  1. sequester
    to move or set apart; to quarantine
  2. ascertain
    to discover with certainty, as through examination
  3. bondage
    slavery; servitude
  4. disseminate
    to scatter widely; (of information) to make known
  5. inordinate
  6. doctrine
    set of principles; a rule of law, esp. as established by precedent
  7. recede
    to go back; to withdraw
  8. impinge
    to have an effect on something, esp. a negative one; to enrcroach
  9. allege
    to assert to be true, esp. without or before proof
  10. epitome
    a representative example of a type
  11. hoodwink
    to decive; to mislead
  12. moribund
    approaching death; nearly obsolete
  13. tract
    area of land or water; brief written work, usu. on a religious or political topic
  14. venerable
    worthy of honor and respect by reason of dignity, age, etc.
  15. berate
    to scold severely and at length
  16. alienate
    to make unfriendly or hostile
  17. panacea
    a cure-all or and all-purpose solution
  18. affluence
  19. contrite
    feeling sorry for what one has done
  20. excruciating
    severely painful
  21. melancholy
    sad, esp. a lingering or habitual state of mind
  22. redress
    to set right; to remedy
  23. impoverished
    without money; deprived of natural resources
  24. deplete
    to gradually use up
  25. vantage
    a position that gives a wide view
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