USU 1350

  1. Genotype
    genetic makeup of individual
  2. phenotype
    physical expression of gene
  3. Meiosis
    creates new individual
  4. mitosis
    reproduction of cells that creates identical copies
  5. asexual
    • without sex
    • cloning of individuals with less diversity
  6. sexual
    • male and females with eggs
    • helps create genetic diversity
  7. evolution
    change in gene frequence overtime to environment
  8. cells
    fundamental working units of every living system
  9. DNA
    from all organisms is made up of the same chemical and physical components
  10. DNA sequence
    is side-by-side arrangement of bases along DNA strand on a chromosome
  11. Chromosome
    contains many genes
  12. genes
    basic physical and functional units of heredity
  13. Proteins
    perform most life functions and even make up majority of cellular structures
  14. ethical concerns
    • fairness in use of genetic info
    • privacy
    • psychological impact
    • reproductive issues
    • clinical issues
    • uncertainties with gene tests
    • conceptual and philosophical implications
    • health and environment issues
    • commercialization of products
  15. DNA according to video
    a long strand of molecules come from blood or skin cells
  16. Reading inside molecule
    Each step cytosine and guanine, thymine and adremine code 3 billion steps long is formula of human being
  17. How identical are babies
  18. How many letters in the code can make a difference
    only one
  19. Taysax Disease
    Slowly destroy baby's brain, result of one bad letter, usually die between ages 5-7 years
  20. Human Genome Project
    Helps find out early any genetic diseases that may be possible created in 1990
  21. Craig Ventor
    • announced he was going to do the human genome project in 2 years vs. 15 years
    • created race
  22. Why are we so similar in genetics
    Descendants of very small population
  23. What other reason does the human genome project need to race for?
    • Patents for genes
    • Confusion for who owns patents
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