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  1. How many years of obligated service are cadets required
    5 years
  2. What priority is INCONUS ashore?
    Priority 5
  3. How many weeks is OCS?
  4. How many branches are there in the military?
  5. Which role does Search and Rescue fall under?
    Maritime Safety
  6. What are 2 types of travel?
    PCS - Permanent Change of Station

    TDY  - Temporary Duty
  7. You should keep receipts of travel expenses over _________ dollars.
  8. What is a members responsibility when reporting to a new unit?
    Finding out what is expected of them.
  9. What is BAS used for?

    (Basic Allowance for Subsistence)
  10. What section does grooming fall under in EERS?
    EERS - 

    Military Bearing
  11. Your government travel card will be reduced to __________ if it is not used at least 5 times a year.
  12. What is the minimum required physical fitness time a unit shall allow?
    1 hr; 3 times p/w
  13. What des ACE stand for?
    Ask Care Escort
  14. Which TAG color is for out of calibration?

    • Image Upload 1
  15. How many leadership competencies are there?
  16. What are the 4 stages of team development?
    • Forming
    • Storming
    • Norming
    • Performing

    formign a storm norman is performing on the clourd
  17. What is the first step in planing a budget?
    Image Upload 2
    Identify goals.
  18. What does ORM stand for?
    Operational Rist Management
  19. What decibal level is an impact noise?
  20. Training levels are defined by hours, competencies and ___________   _________________.
    Field Experience
  21. The bomb threat checklist should be near____________.
    every phone.
  22. The Rating Force Master Chief is in charge of what?
    Enlisted Performance Qualifications (EPQs)
  23. What kind of member goes above and beyond expectations?
    Peak Performer
  24. What is one of the 3 levels of involvement?
  25. Tanks and voids are what kind of spaces?
    confined spaces
  26. Which discharge is not a real discharge?
    Regular discharge
  27. What is it called when an incident occurs when drugs are involved?
    Drug Incident

    Image Upload 3
  28. Name a type of mentoring?
  29. What is the Ready Coast Guard used for?
    Image Upload 4
  30. Where can the MSDS be located?Image Upload 5
    Right to Know Station

    Material Safety Data Sheet

    Image Upload 6
  31. What are the two ways to report sexual harassment?

    Image Upload 7
    Restricted and Unrestricted
  32. What does SAPP help you determine?
    Which information can be released to the public.
  33. You can have a relationship at a shore unit with _______ or less people.
    Image Upload 8
  34. When are you not allowed to be assigned EMI?
    (Extra Military Instructions)
    On Sabbath
  35. When can you use a government telephone?
    Image Upload 9
    For a brief phone call to check on a sick child.
  36. When is Government Vehicle use authorized?

    Image Upload 10
    When transporting a spouse to an official function.
  37. When are you not allowed to participate in demonstrations?
    Image Upload 11
    while on duty
  38. What allows you, your spouse and dependents to register and absentee vote in federal office elections?
    Image Upload 12
    Uniformed and Overseas Citizen Voting Act
  39. Who assists you with voting rights?
    Image Upload 13
    voting assistant officer
  40. When mailing to a group of people use a ____________    _________.
    Distribution List

    Image Upload 14
  41. What does the stand for in SMART?
    • Realistic/Relevant
    • Image Upload 15
  42. Which rate is only open to the reservist?
    • Investigator
    • Image Upload 16
  43. What are the 5 elements of a message?
    Sender, Receiver, Message, Transmission Medium, and Feedback

    Image Upload 17
  44. Who does the commandant report directl to
    Secretary of Homeland Security
  45. When did Congress combine the Revenue Cutter Service and the U.S. Life Saving Service?
  46. Any tattoo markings on the neck may not show above the collar of?
    • The Light Blue Shirt
    • Image Upload 18
  47. Which Federal Agency is involved with the Auxiliary?
    • Army Corps of Engineers
    • Image Upload 19
  48. What is an authorized smoking are?
    Image Upload 20
    Wherever the CO designates
  49. Which is a tab in CGBI?
    Image Upload 21
  50. What rank must you be before you may apply for CWO?
    • E6 and up
    • Image Upload 22
  51. When composing the body of your email you should use?
    Image Upload 23
    Short Paragraphs
  52. What does the A stand for in S.M.A.R.T?
    • Attainable
    • Image Upload 24
  53. What is an example of psychological barrier?
    Image Upload 25
    • Personality Conflicts
    • Attitudinal
    • Fear 
    • Personal Problems
  54. What is the primary mission of maritime security?
    Image Upload 26
    • Drug Interdiction
    • Image Upload 27
  55. The Ready Reserve is divided into what two components?
    • Selected Reserve and
    • Individual Ready Reserve
  56. What is a surface mission conducted by the Auxiliary?
    Safety and Regatta Patrols
  57. What must be done upon returning a gov. vehicle?
    top off fuel
  58. What is the largest file you can download on a governemtn workstation?
  59. When may a dishonorable discharge result?
    only as a result of an approved sentence of a general court martial
  60. What is the Coast Guard role in DHS
    Maritime First Responder
  61. Which article does the insubordinate conduct towards an officer fall under?
    Article 91
  62. If a command has difficulty judging whether a tattoo/brand or body piercing is in accordance with the uniform regulations who shall they contact?
    Uniform Regulations Program Management at Commandant (CG-122)
  63. How far away must a designated smoking are be from a federal building?
    50 ft.
  64. When are CG military members and all civilian employees required to obtain a government travel card?
    Image Upload 28
    When travel is at least 5 times a year
  65. What court-martial consists of at least 5 officers?
    General Court Martial
  66. What is an example of an acceptable relationship?
    An officer married to an enlisted member
  67. The authorized release of information or material that has not been properly reviewed can result in _______________?
    Detrimental Consequences.
  68. What is an acceptable gift you are allowed to receive?
    Image Upload 29
    an unsolicited gift that cost less than $20 (no cash gifts)
  69. What category does safety fall under in EERS?
  70. What are the 4 primary types of measuresin CGBI?
    • People
    • Training
    • Equipment
    • Infrastructure
    • (PTEI)
    • People training with spinning mallet spike equipment hitting a wall
  71. What is included in travel related documentation?
    Receipts for lodging and all items over $75
  72. How long do members need to keep all orders, travel claims, and required receipts for?
    6 years and 3 months
  73. What are units w/ and established morale fund required to have?
    Morale Committee
  74. Which is often a case of suicide?
    financial problemsImage Upload 30
  75. What is the process of creating and maintaining a positive environment where the differences of all personnel are recognized, understood and valued?
    Diversity Management
  76. What is an alcohol situation?
    Image Upload 31
    Where alcohol was present but does not have to be consumed.
  77. A coastguardsman is transferring from a Polar Roller and will receive what priority when selecting a new duty station?
    Image Upload 32
    Priority 2
  78. Who is the most senior member of their respective rating?
    Rating Force Master Chief
  79. What color is the danger tag?
    REDImage Upload 33
  80. Where is all OSHA and MSDS related information organized and available?
    Right to Know Station
  81. When do you need hearing protection?Image Upload 34
    • Continuous noise levels are at above 
    • 85dB(A)
    • and impact noises exceeding
    • 140dB(A)
  82. Secret information is expected t cause _________ to national security?
    Serious Damage
  83. How long can a recommendation for advancement be challenged?
    It cannot be cahalleneged
  84. Which may be a boundary to communication?
    Apprehension or personal problems
  85. What is the BAH amount decided by?
    dependent status
  86. A complete personal fitness plan must be completed by?
    a person who is on a weight probation program
  87. Under Maslow's Hierarchy where do morals fall?
  88. What should you do when working with electrical equipment?
    ground it
  89. Diversity falls under CG?
    Core Values
  90. Pictures and videos taken with a private camera or media source are considered __________.
  91. If a member is doing just enough to stay out of trouble or to complete a task he is _______________.
  92. What do goals both short and long term require?
  93. What decibel level for double hearing protection?
  94. What does A stand for in A.C.E. for suicide protection?
    AskImage Upload 35
  95. When was the auxiliary formed?
  96. What does L.E.A.P.S. stand for?
    • Listen
    • Empathize
    • Ask
    • Paraphrase
    • Summarize
  97. What category does responsibility fall under in EERS?
  98. Where can you check your immunization status?
  99. How many days of TLE can you take CONUS to CONUS?
    Up to 10 days
  100. How long until your govt. travel card is cancelled for delinquency?
    101 days past do
  101. When did the chief petty officer rank form?
  102. When was the DHS Act signed?
  103. Where is Maslow's Hierarchy does "breathing" fall?
  104. Who displays the image of the unit, CO, and the CG to the public?
    Public Affairs Officer
  105. Which TAG color is for "out of commission"?
  106. How many brands are you allowed to have?
  107. What article gives the CO the right to a NJP?
    Article 15
  108. What do you need to check before you operate a GV?
    Determine if you need a special license
  109. What types of materials does the MSDS cover?
    (Material Safety Data Sheet)
    Haz Mat
  110. In an incident who is in charge?
    Incident Commander
  111. Who is in charge of S.A.F.E.?
    Headquarters Substance Abuse Program
  112. The two types of reserves are "selective" and _______________.
    Individual Ready Reserve
  113. The three roles of the CG are Safety, Security, and ______________.
    stewardshipImage Upload 36
  114. What political activity can you participate in?
    Make monetary contributions to an organization
  115. How much (unofficial use) computer usage are you allowed to each day?
    30 minutes per day.
  116. A dishonorable discharge is only a result of an approved sentence of a _______ court martial.
  117. Smoking area must be at least 50 feet from ______________   _____________.
    Indoor facilities.
  118. What is an example of fraternization?
    Romantic relationship between officer and enlisted.
  119. Who is authorized special duty assignment pay?
  120. Leadership is the ability to ___________ others to achieve their goals.
    influence Image Upload 37
  121. What is the advantage to a leader made decision?
    Quick decision that is to the point.
  122. What should you do to prevent over drafting/bouncing checks?
    balance your checkbook monthly
  123. How does the Rating Force Master Chief communicate with the rating?
    direct contact with individual members.
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