Medical Coding Review Part II

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  1. What is APC?
    Ambulatory payment classification; the reimbursement system for outpatient
  2. What is UHDDS?
    Uniform hospital discharge data set
  3. What is OSHPD?
    Office of the statewide hospital planning and development
  4. In what part of the Medical Record would you see the size of the lesion in excision?
    Operative Report
  5. In what part of the Medical Record would a Physician write a note when the chart is already complete?
  6. What is the purpose of Physician Query?
    To clarify documentation
  7. What are M codes?
    Morphology codes for study of type of cells and behavior of neoplasm
  8. What is the modifier to be used if submitting two codes, one of which is a part of the other procedure and is not coded unless done in separate session or different excision site?
  9. Who allows insurance companies to transfer Patient's info to another facility without Patient's consent?
  10. What is the meaning of DRG creep?
    Coding of diagnosis or procedure which is not present or not documented in order to increase the DRG
  11. What is debulking?
    Partial excision or removal of tumor done if Cancer is unresectable
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