Marketing Chap. 15

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  1. Personal Selling
    • personalized communication b/w a seller and buyer 
    • benefits of product presented in order to make a sale
    • human component of IMC mix
  2. Steps in Selling Process
    Prospect, preapproach, approach, presentation, handling objections, close
  3. 1. Prospect
    • where are the clients
    • systematic procedure for developing sales leads
    • eg. referrals, trade publications, fill out ballots
  4. 2. Pre-Approach
    • collect buyer info to determine if prospect meets buying the criteria
    • qualifying the customer
  5. 3. Approach
    • initial contact w/ consumer
    • opening moments of presentation
    • strategy, seller asks q's and LISTENS
    • need + feature = benefit
    • only when a feature satisfies a need does it b/c a benefit
  6. Benefit
    • only when a feature satisfies a need does it b/c a benefit
    • need + feature = benefit
  7. 4. Presentation
    • persuasive delivery and presentation of products benefits
    • listen and integrate buyer feedback
    • show product in action
  8. 5. Objections
    • obstacles that a seller must overcome
    • cue for more info
    • seller should ask q's to seek clarification
  9. 6. Closing
    • asking for the order
    • if buyer says no, turns into a trial close - continue selling and try again
    • fine line b/w pushy and persistence
  10. 7. Follow up
    • keep in touch w customer
    • ensure all is ok
    • handle problems as they come
  11. Convenience Goods
    goods that consumers purchase frequently w/ minimum effort or evaluation
  12. Shopping Goods
    goods that the consumer compares on such bases as suitability quality price and style b/f making a selection
  13. Specialty Goods
    goods that consumers will make an effort to find and purchase b/c the goods possess some unique or important characteristic
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