[Wheelock's Latin] Chapter 2

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  1. fā'ma, fā'mae
    f. rumor, report; fame, reputation
  2. fō'rma, fō'rmae
    f. form, shape; beauty
  3. fortū'na, fortū'nae
    f. fortune, luck
  4. ī'ra, īrae
    f. ire, anger
  5. nau'ta, nau'tae
    m. sailor
  6. pa'tria, pa'triae
    f. fatherland, native land, (one's) country
  7. pecū'nia, pecū'niae
    f. money
  8. philoso'phia, philoso'phiae
    f. philosophy
  9. poe'na, poe'nae
    • f. penalty, punishment;
    • poe'nās da're, idiom. to pay the penalty
  10. poē'ta, poē'tae
    m. poet
  11. po'rta, po'rtae
    f. gate, entrance
  12. pue'lla, pue'llae
    f. girl
  13. ro'sa, ro'sae
    f. rose
  14. sente'ntia, sente'ntiae
    f. feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
  15. vī'ta, vī'tae
    f. life; mode of life
  16. antī'quus, antī'qua, antī'quum
    adj. ancient, old-time
  17. ma'gnus, ma'gna, ma'gnum
    adj., large, great; important
  18. me'us, me'a me'um
    adj. my
  19. mu'ltus, mu'lta, mu'ltum
    • adj. much, many
  20. tu'us, tu'a, tu'um
    adj. your (sg.)
  21. et
    • conj. and; even; 
    • et . . . et, both . . . and
  22. sed
    conj. but
  23. Ō
    interj. O! Oh! commonly preceding a vocative
  24. si'ne
    prep. + abl., without
  25. est
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[Wheelock's Latin] Chapter 2
The vocabulary from chapter 2 of Wheelock's Latin. Long vowels are marked with macrons. The stress is marked using a ' following the vowel stressed. e.g. ma'gnus, where a is stressed.
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