English Final Lit Terms

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  1. drama of the absurd
    type of drama radically nonrealistic in both content and presentation, emphasizes meaninglessness of life
  2. accent
    syllable given more prominence than its neighbors
  3. allegory
    narrative that has a second meaning beneath the surface
  4. anapest
    metrical foot consisting of two unaccented syllables followed by one accented one
  5. anaphora
    repetition of an opening word or phrase in a series of lines
  6. apostrophe
    when someone absent or dead is addressed as as if it were alive or present
  7. assonance
    repetition at close intervals of the vowel sounds of accented syllables or important words
  8. aubude
    poem about dawn, a morning love song
  9. ballad
    short narrative poem written in a songlike stanza form
  10. cacophony
    harsh, discordant, unpleasant sound choice
  11. catharsis
    emotional release experienced by the audience at the end of a successful tragedy
  12. foil character
    minor character whose situation or actions parallel those of a major character, and thus sets off or illuminates the major character
  13. chorus
    group of actors speaking or chanting in unison, often while dancing
  14. scornful comedy
    type of comedy whose main purpose is to expose and ridicule human folly
  15. comic relief
    in a tragedy, comic scene that follows a scene of seriousness and contrast intensifies emotions
  16. consonance
    repetition at close intervals of the final consonant sounds of accented syllables (book, plaque, thicker)
  17. dactyl
    metrical foot consisting of one accented syllable followed by two unaccented syllables (mer-ri-ly)
  18. denoument
    portion of a plot that reveals the final outcome of its conflicts or solutions to mysteries
  19. didactic writing
    poetry, fiction, or drama having a primary purpose to teach or preach
  20. dimeter
    metrical line containing two feet
  21. double rhyme
    rhyme in which the repeated vowel is in the second last syllable of the words involved
  22. duple meter
    meter in which a majority of the feet contain two syllables
  23. editorialization
    writing that departs from the narrative or dramatic mode and instructs the reader how to think or feel about the events of a story or behavior of a character
  24. euphony
    smooth, pleasant sounding choice and arrangement of sounds
  25. farce
    type of drama related to comedy but emphasizing improbable situations
  26. feminine rhyme
    when the repeated accented vowel is in either the second or third last syllable of the words involved (hurrying-scurrying)
  27. folk ballad
    narrative poem designed to be sung, usually undergone modification through process of oral transmission
  28. hamartia
    criminal act committed in ignorance of some material fact or even for the sake
  29. hexameter
    metrical line containing six feet
  30. iambic meter
    meter in which the majority of feet are iambs
  31. internal rhyme
    rhyme in which one or both of the rhyme words occurs within the line
  32. limerick
    fixed form consisting of five lines of anapestic meter
  33. literary fiction
    fiction written with serious artistic intentions
  34. metonymy
    figure of speech in which some significant aspect or detail of an experience is used for what are sometimes distinguished as two separate figures
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