1. qi deficiency
    spont sweat, fatigue, weak limbs, listless, dizzy, vertigo

    P: weak, thready
  2. qi stagnation
    distending or fullness, location may change, depression, 

    P: wiry
  3. qi reverse flow
    cough, asthma, panting, nausea, vomit, headache, dizzy, red eyes
  4. qi sinking
    organ prolapse, diarrhea, bleeding, profuse menstruation, haemmorhoids
  5. qi collapse
    weak breath, thin greasy or profuse sweat, severe cold or cold limbs, faint pulse
  6. blood deficiency
    weakness in systemic/local regions, pale face/lips/tongue/nails, dizziness/giddiness, continuous violent palpitation, insomnia/forgetful, lassitude, stiff joints, numbness of hands & feet, dry eyes or blurry vision
  7. blood stasis
    fixed stabbing pain, chronic condition, dull complexion, dry scaly skin, dark purple tongue, ecchymosis & spider nevus
  8. blood heat
    fever worse @ night, extensive bleeding, dense groups of rashes, severe restless, delirium, mania, coma
  9. phlegm stagnation
    • Lu: cough, asthma, profuse sputum, wheezing
    • Hr: chest distress, palpitations, coma, depressive/manic psychosis
    • St: N&A, discomfort in epig & abd, abd mass
    • meridians: scrofula, subcutaneous nodules, numbness of limbs, hemiplegia, suppurative inflammation of deep tissues
    • head: dizzy, vertigo, blurred vision, syncope
  10. qi blockage
    sudden syncope, coma, blocking of orifices (cant think clear),
  11. damp turbidity
    chest distress, N&V, abd fullness & distention, heavy head & body, stickiness in mouth w/o thirst, diarrhea/loose stool, yellowish face, edema
  12. water retention
    edema in head, face, eyeslids, limb, abd, etc
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