1. Shao Yang
    alternating chills & fever, chest & hypochondriac fullness, bitter taste, dizzy, nausea, restless, anorexia, dry mouth, wretching

    P: wiry
  2. Yang collapse
    profuse cold thin sweat, spontaneous sweat, cold body, cold aversion,  weariness, lie in curl position, weak & shallow breathing, tastelessness w/o thirst, pallid complexion, profuse diarrhea/vomit, massive bleeding, listless, cold skin & limbs

    • T: pale/moist
    • P: faint
  3. Yin collapse
    fever, flushed warm oily sticky sweat, hot body & limbs, av to heat, restlessness, short & rapid respiration, thirst w/ preference to cold drinks, dry lips & tongue, wrinkled skin, oliguria, sunken eyes

    • T: red w/ dry coat
    • P: thready, forceless, rapid & racing
  4. exterior & interior cold
    severe av. to cold, mild fever, h/a, body pain, gastric & abd pain, loose stool

    P: floating & tight/slow
  5. exterior & interior heat
    hi fever, mild av to cold, sore throat, cough, panting, constipation, yellow urine

    • T: red, w/ yellow coat
    • P: rapid (floating)
  6. exterior cold interior heat
    av cold, fever, no sweat, h/a, body pain, thirst, restless, yellow urine, constipation

    T: red w/ yellow coat
  7. exterior heat interior cold
    fever, av to cold, headache, dry throat, clear urine, loose stool, abd distention
  8. exterior & interior excess
    av to cold, fever, stuffy nose, gastric & abd distention, constipation

    P: floating tense
  9. exterior excess interior deficiency
    av to cold, fever, no sweat, h/a, body pain, fatigue, lassitude, no talk, palpitation, insomnia

    • T: pale
    • P: weak
  10. upper heat lower cold
    sore throat, dry mouth, desire to vomit, abd pain relieve by warmth, loose stool, cold signs
  11. upper cold & lower heat
    cold pain in gastric & abd, vomit clear fluid, frequent painful urine, scanty urine
  12. deficiency w/ (from) excess attack
    heat dmg yin fluids
    low fever, dry mouth, thirst

    • T: dark, red, scanty dry coat
    • P: thready rapid
  13. excess w/ deficiency complication
    (heat pathogen consumes bf, but pathogen is stronger than deficiency)
    fever, constipation, thirst, yellow urine

    • T: red
    • P: rapid
  14. deficiency & excess
    (child malnutrition)
    • Sp & St deficiency w/ xs
    • diarrhea, undigested food, emaciation, food stagnation, hot abdomen, restless, good appetite

    T: thick coat
  15. false cold true heat
    cold intolerance, cold hands & feet, diarrhea, black tongue coating, deep pulse

    feels cold but avoids warmth, chest & abd feverish but limbs cold, diarrhea w/ fetid odor & dry, throat is dry w/ halitosis, thirsty & prefers cold drinks, scanty urine, irritable

    • T: red, dry yellow
    • P: deep, excessive, slow
  16. false heat true cold
    fever but likes warmth, irritable, feels hot but covered, thirst w/o desire, sore throat w/o red or swelling, cold lower limbs, clear urine, red face but tender & fluctuates, like warm drink, cold limbs, clear copious urine, loose stool

    • T: pale (wet)
    • P: rapid floating big, deficient
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